Monday, December 26, 2005

The Mr. and his dog

...Just had to share this picture, My daughter took it while she took care of the Raleigh Dog during our trip to the rodeo. She lets him do things that he would get in trouble for at home. I'll have to start giving her his repremands instead of him.

Today the Mr. is out bird hunting, A trip to the Condon area. I have not a clue just where the hell that is but he called and he's having a good time.
I think its good for him to take little breaks like this, He dedicates his life to making my life comfortable.

I think getting this bird dog was a good thing for him, First the Brittany Spaniel breed practically trains itself they are so smart. Therefore not adding to his frustration of pet care, and useful too...Bonus.

They make the owner look so brilliant, they are so clingy and love attention. The thing I get to do with him is treat him to spa nights. You guessed it, Bathing and grooming, He loves it and when its cold and rainy out can't wait to jump in the tub and then get dried with the blow drier.

Isn't it funny how for the most part we treat or pets whether it is dogs, cats, or horses so much like members of the family. If you are not a pet owner you just wouldn't understand.

Hmmmmm, now I know why the Mr. keeps me around. Just kidding.

My it's a wonderful life moment

During the progression of our family dinner I remember feeling a little wiped out, But almost ahead of myself. I know that's an oxymoron. But it was like I was getting a red tape free finale to my preparations, Although I felt the struggle to finish anything I started this year, The heavens were helping me along in the final sprint to get things done.

I had another revelation in the middle or near the end of our name draw gift exchange, I had an inner peace come over me and I heard no noise, things looked warmer, even felt the glow.
(And I wasn't sweating so I know it wasn't a hot flash.)

My family is so precious to me, I had the #1 son here by the way of his gift, A picture book that he and my Daughter in law so thoughtfully created of their wedding.

They were passed around for the whole family to enjoy and everyone here missed them terribly, But our hearts were eased with the sights of their faces!
We missed their hugs though.

We had the #1 Grandson missing this year, He went on his first that he could remember plane flight to visit his Dad in Spokane, WA., He was so excited for this. I know he loves his Dad but Christmas Eve is an important gathering on this side of the family. I guess I'll need to reiterate this to his Dad, I know his Dad knows this. We missed him.

Its so hard to have split/broken families and coordinate these events so they have meaningful memories and experiences to pass on to their kids.

Anyway back to the feeling...I had never felt quite like this before, It was a Wonderful life moment like you've watched being portrayed in the movies, All the gift giving didn't matter only the smiles on everyone's faces, I seen contentment and love in its true beauty.
I felt some special sentimental past Christmas feelings by way of my baby sister, I love her! (Daughter)Jalana having her Dad in her life after all these years. This needed to happen.

I felt some present feelings by the way of a new face to our gathering she was both a happy and delightful new member and very much welcomed.

A new future feeling that the #2 grandson had shown me in the newly generated feeling for him of giving a gift that he had worked for and picked out, He experienced first hand the future of the joy of giving of himself. And no it wasn't the gift that mattered to me it was the happy heart I could see, He gave so joyfully. It takes a lifetime for some people to feel what he felt on the 8th Christmas of his life.

I've always thought Trenton was an old soul in a young body. He will make someone truly happy someday with his down to earth attitude, He's a good spirit with a good heart.

So I guess my gift was a surprise after all, I never expected to feel the ambush of emotions that I've felt this holiday, I'm only thankful for them...What a gift!

God truly blessed me and my family this year!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well, the stockings are hung...the E-gifts are sent, the presents are bought, and the dinner is partially made. Whew!
My thoughts go to those who are not with us here at our home, A couple kids missing but not forgotten by any means. I hope their Christmas is wonderful! We miss you!

And to all my friends,
I wish you the Merriest Christmas Ever! Kisses...Sweeti

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

25 Years Ago...

You see this Man, this is my Dad and that is me. He was the man of my life. I loved everything about him. I remember thinking I would marry a man just like him when I grew up.

He taught me to eat peanut butter with Ice cream, hominy grits, and best of all he taught me to take pictures. We used an old Brownie type camera and black and white film. I still love photography today because of him...and peanut butter and Ice cream too!
He played Guitar and sang like Merle Haggard and serenaded me every chance he got and I blushed and hide my face everytime but love every minute of it. He taught me songs and we sang together for the few short years he was around. He was king in my world.

He was a Logger, Drywaller, and Carpenter...Traveled a lot and mom and us kids did not always get to go with him. He and my Mom had a torrid love affair and finally marriage, He was so flirtatious, charming and such a ladies man and now that I'm older know he was not faithful for the most part.

I don't know if it was my Mom that drove him to it or if he just couldn't settle down with one woman.

He had a older Harley Davidson, Sky blue, I remember it like it was yesterday. Simply Beautiful, Sexy even, a 1962, With all the black leather saddlebags and chrome you could see coming a mile away it sparkled so much.

Almost like this one.

On the bike was always 2 helmets, One said Harold on the back and one said Ingjerd. Too many people told my Mom they seen her and my Dad riding around town, When she wasn't the Ingjerd under the helmet and she knew it not with 3 kids to tend to at home. It was a lady named Urma, Another fiery Redhead you see he had a passion for Redheads.

My Mom forgave him and took him back many times and I know it was because she truly loved him. He had stolen her heart and ruined it for any man to come. She always had distrust issues from then on.

But you know, growing up there was no other man that could take his place in my life either. I loved my Dad and he could do no wrong, I would steal his t-shirts from his dresser to sleep with because his smell always kept me close to him. I would sleep like a baby with that smell around me.
This man knew I love and cherished him, that I know this to be true.

I still don't understand how a man can leave his little girl knowing her heart will be crushed when he doesn't come home that night by choice. And chose not come home for months because of a new love interest. Not only was I waiting for him but two brothers also. Hmmmm how sad, he couldn't realize before it was too late.

I did spend time with my Dad before his death, We traveled and talked I forgave him like my mother before me, Although he never got all of my trust back and I so wanted to give it to him. He can't hurt me anymore and know I can say I loved him more than he could ever have loved me in 2 life times.

Rest in peace Dad

I still miss you!

Well, to the results of all my testing...It showed my kidneys acting badly spewing protein like there's no tomorrow, my liver enzymes higher than normal and my Ldl up 30 points all this and I haven't changed anything. Then to top it all off I get to have sinus surgery January 10th. and look like a Racoon(black eyes) for weeks afterward. This all sucks! Lets hope it helps.

I'm still trying to get myself ready for Christmas and its almost here, I keep taking stabs at decorating the tree, then I take a break, and go back again. I will finish sooner or later I guess... maybe by New Years huh.

Wade or the Mr. made it home safely and the trip was good, The barn has proved to be an opportunity to be more lucrative.
These are of the grounds and the club house and the barn at Menlo Circus Club in Atherton, Ca. Check it out there's still leaves on the trees!

He brought back pictures on the digital camera I kind of passed down to him, I was testing him to make sure he showed responsibility with it and brought it back home with him. He has this horrible habit of leaving things at barns, such as coffee cups (you know the travel kind) and shirts or jackets and phone chargers. I just didn't want to see the camera fall prey to the same fate. He did good and brought it home safe and sound. I have to give him his "Atta Boy"

We attended an annual Christmas Party that is given in honor of a few Bird hunting trips, Pheasant and Chucker being the main course. Actually its just a nice Christmas party without the expense of gift giving.
Everyone brings a dish depending on where the letter in the last name is in the alphabet.
Mine is always on desert and people tell me this too.
I came thru with a requested whipped Raspberry cheesecake with vanilla mouse and raspberry caps on top drizzled with white chocolate. I left with a huge pan and it came home empty!
This house it was held at was incredible and huge. All the room you needed and more with every detail accommodated. The host and hostess of this years bash were wonderful, just as the hosts of years past were.

Our gracious host and hostess Dean and Leslie.

So this was the bright spot of my week, I enjoyed myself and eat some of the best homemade Macaroni and Cheese for which I'm still awaiting the recipe. Let me know if your interested in it, I'll share. You won't be sorry, Yummmmm!
That was my splurge, I sat and eat this and realized half way thru that this was the most Carbs I had eaten in a long time. But did I stop...Hell No, the damage was already done. I made that sound as if I gorged myself and I did not, just made some unwise choices. But loved every morsel of it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Meet my Co-Author

This is my sweet Toby kitty he is the same cat that I swear I could do without in the middle of my slumber and he thinks he needs to go out at 3 or 4 in the morning. [That's soooo aggravating]

He cannot resist accompanying me at the PC while I write at least he makes my lap warm, He is getting to weigh a little weight now...It must be his body clock like mine thinking store up for the winter. Posted by Picasa

Oh, My Gosh has life been hectic!

Oh, My Gosh has life been hectic and freezing cold, 22 degrees here this morning but sunny WooHoo! The cousins in Florida must have their ears burning now because all I can talk about is how good it must feel to have the 80 plus degrees baking your bones this time of year. (Note to self)... Some year I will give myself a gift of summer sun for Christmas like a week in the St. Croix or the Bahamas. A great pipe dream on my part...

Between getting the Wade ready to go to California and mind you- without Me, and running to all these different Drs. Appointments for one thing or another.

I have finally got a few days to myself.

I'm not looking forward to Monday and Tuesday though because I will get results from all the CT scans and blood work done this week. Hopefully it will be ok and they come to some conclusion why I can't get feeling up to par. But I'm not wasting a minute of solitude on worrying over that, the results will be the same no matter what!

I should be doing my baking while no one is here to eat it all up before I get it in the appropriate containers and shipped to its destination, But I'm not...I should be finishing decorating my tree that stands in my living room all naked of bulbs and decorations, It has lights only because the tree comes out of a box and its pre-lighted. You want hear something funny, I go and plug the tree in and just look at the simplicity of the lights and kind of enjoy it. It's one of the simple things in my life right now that I like...And a little laziness too, Which I interpret as self preservation.

Christmas Eve is barreling in upon us quickly and I am just sitting here. For you that don't have the benefit of knowing what a Christmas Eve dinner is like at my house I will explain. First of all my home is small and I pack in up to 20 or so people for dinner, Family and Friends, I do the dinner buffet style because no where in the house could I put a table long enough to fit or accommodate this many people. The strange thing is they keep coming back after I pack them in like sardines so it must not be as bad as I think.

First of all...All diets are off when you come to my house if only for one night. I cook with real butter, use real cream and do nothing low fat.
My dinner will be this wonderful bone in Ham (A Traditional Scandinavian Christmas eve dinner) that I order ahead of time from a local Butcher shop (Fishers), (It has been consistently the best ham that I have ever eaten and I have bought from them for 24 years now).
Then I will make the usual Mashed potato and a nice browned butter gravy, Candied Yams with heavy cream and pineapple (my personal favorite), Lots of appetizers or fillers as the family says. Delightfully Deviled Eggs, celery sticks with cream cheese and some with peanut butter. Oh, and bacon wrapped water chestnut with and without chicken livers. Vegetables usually corn which I for some reason forget about when I put it in the microwave to heat up, and remember ¾ of the way thru the meal if at all.
Now comes the draw I think for my family, I bake for weeks before hand. Pumpkin breads with a cream cheese topping to spread on the slices and Pumpkin pies, apple strudel bread, Christmas stolen (Norwegian fruit bread) zucchini bread, Cookies of all kinds, Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, ginger bread, butter cookies, and if I'm good with time I make Norwegian donuts or Fattigmann a Norwegian fried cookie...It is a carb fest and there is not much left when the dinner is over, We have goodie bags that everyone takes home with them, And they pick their favorite things to take home. This is my gift to the family, it's homemade and made with the greatest care and my best recipes I think it is well received unless they are just humoring me, it's looked forward to each year.

Now I haven't even started my shopping, the spirit is in me but like Jeannie I'm still gathering ideas...I feel your frustration.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Journal

A few weeks ago my Daughter asked me if I wanted to pass a journal back and forth to each other. I thought about it and said that I'd like to do that, Immediately she says to me in a tone that says to me that she thinks that she's the rule maker now "No camping with the journal" in another words she had a time frame that we should stay in.
I'm still waiting to get it back....

OK, I said. So she put her first entry in and I found it pleasant, there was even "I think your butt is getting smaller mom" in there. OK now I'm saying... "I think I like this". She asked questions about my mom and questions about things we had not had time to discuss.
I replied and was able to elaborate on subjects that ordinarily would be cut short because of an interruption of some sort.

I guess what I'm trying to say its pretty neat to do this even if you only write about everyday things, Someday when one of us is no longer here I can see the comfort in being able to read over the journal and feel the closeness.

You know there was a time in my life that I thought my daughter was from Mars and there was no way possible that we'd be close, It was in her 15th year....I kid you not, I was ready to run away. She was so mouthy and self centered that I couldn't hardly wait for her to be grown up. But now things have come full circle and she either has found a new respect for me or she can now see for herself what it felt like to be me...She has 2 boys, I didn't even give her the mother's curse. (You know the one that says when you grow up your going to have kids twice as bad as you.)

I am so glad to have her back, If she only knew how much I loved her little fingers and toes, How much I used to love kissing her little forehead and nose and tickling her tummy, bathing her to dress her in her cute little dresses. Yes, I was young but there was no feelings on my part that I'd be missing something due to having a baby. I loved every minute of it.

Thank goodness things don't stay the same all the time...I'd still have an Alien...More on the passing of the journal over time. She is so humorous now that it should get interesting, She has a sense of humor that is wickedly funny. To be continued.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

===Back from the Rodeo

The drive to Redmond, Or. Was good, We had bright sunshine till we got over the mountain, And let me tell you I wanted so bad to say just turn around and go back to the sunshine, But being the good sport I am, I just kept quiet. But on the inside I was screaming "Where the hell is my sunshine?"


This is after the mountain, and on to the other side in an area rich in history called Warm Springs Indian Reservation, its beautiful there with color right now but not in the fog, Do you see the fog bank we were about to go into? The temp. Outside is now 31 degrees and its friggen cold let me tell you! We did not see the sunshine again til we got back over the mountain on Sunday, and it was like having a ton of bricks lifted from your shoulders...Everyone's mood improved within 10 minutes!

Well, we didn't come home with the win we were hoping for but, Carl did come away from the rodeo safe and that's a blessing in itself.

Friday Carl got his steer down in 6.0 seconds which is not too bad but the money time was from 3.9 seconds to probably a 5.0. In this event a 10th of a second could be the deciding factor. On Saturday Carl had a good run with a 4.8, But the they tacked on a 10 second penalty for breaking the barrier which brought his score for that run to a 14.8. That sucked, we felt bad for Carl.
Now an explanation to what the barrier is:
The barrier is a breakaway rope that is pulled across the roping chutes. It is designed to give the steer or calf a head start out into the arena making the competition more difficult. Breaking the barrier (breaking the rope or leaving too early) results in a 10 second penalty added to the overall time of the competitor.
Now on to Sunday, It was a little bit of a wrestling match and it took a little more time, the run ended up being a 7.4, ... I believe.

Now all this adds up to approx. A 28.2 for the total of all rounds and that's just not gonna get you in the money, I think he ended up 6th or 7th in the Circuit.
(Sorry Carl, we still think you did great just getting to the finals!)

It was World Champion Brad Gleason who rode away with the Average title. Brad is from Touchet,Wa. He wrestled his three steers to the ground in a total for all rounds 13.6 seconds. Finishing out of the payoff in the first and third rounds, Gleason managed to take home $2,753. Congratulations!

...And now I have to rave on another friend of ours that came to our home over the 4th of July weekend.

Sam Mackenzie from Jordan Valley, Ore. A Saddle Bronc Rider showed up the rest of the competition by grabbing the Average title with 233 points. Sam landed in the money in all three rounds, finishing with $4,130. WooHooo, Congratulations Sam!

We host the Rodeo Cowboys that our brother Carl travels with when they are in our area a few good meals, a place to hang their hat and unwind from the road, plenty of hot showers, and a few spirited competitions on the playstation II and Xbox for entertainment. In exchange for some funny stories and good times at the Rodeo. I think I'm gaining a reputation for good grub amongst the boys. We do enjoy having them here at our makeshift bunkhouse!

Well, I'd better get on with my day, So this sums up my weekend it was fun but cold, how about yours? Sweeti

Friday, November 18, 2005

We're off to the Rodeo

"Waitin to Ride"

First of all, A big Thank You to Jeannie for helping me find my colors!

This weekend is the Circuit Finals for the Columbia River Circuit or the Pro Rodeo Association. We have 2 Brothers Carl,&Clint as well numerous friends who rodeo and try to make it into the top 12. Well, this year we have a brother in the top 12 in Steer Wrestling. His name is (John Carl)or Carl S. not to be confused with my son Carl Y. who only wrestles bank notes, employees and credit cards but is not without his sports also.
Carl S. Is up Friday Night and Saturday night and if he makes it to the top 3 I think he gets another go on Sunday. We are hoping that he makes it and gets to go to the Big One in Las Vegas.

Ok everybody keep your fingers crossed for him! I'll get back to you on Monday. Have a superb weekend!

Oh, I almost forgot Jeannie I cut my hair again, this time only a couple inches more. I like this cut much better.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Moms life

The picture above depicts a family photo shot in 1932 my Grandmother Dagny is holding her first born...A daughter named Ingjerd also known to me as my Mother, Pronounced in English as Ingrid. Standing next to her, my Grandfather's Dad [name sadly unknown]. His Son, my Grandfather Trygve and Sister to his side. The Great and Great, Great Grandmothers to the other, both of which I've heard stories about but I couldn't tell you their names.

My mother told me that she absolutely loved her Grandmother, She lived a little walk from my mom, and mom used to go to her house to help with the baking for the community, they baked once a week the breads and pies or cakes and it was an all day affair at the bake house. They would barter their baked goods for the other things they needed, such as eggs or fabric or whatever else they needed.

All the people in the community had a job that kept their family in the supply's they needed. They even traded with the fisherman for supplies like sugar.

Now My grandfather was a Carpenter and a painter. Mother said he was one of the best around, he was very meticulous. He would of course trade his skills for the other things they needed such as pigs, chickens, and sheep and shoes for the family. My mother never had tasted beef until she came to America. They hunted Reindeer and Elk was their red meat and wild birds also. Fish was another meat they eat a lot of due to the close proximity to the coastline.

In my Mothers family there was 6 kids, 3 girls, Ingjerd,Sonja,and Osa also 3 boys, Tor, Tom and Einar. My mom, being the eldest of the bunch. Sadly there are only 2 boys left.

In my Moms time the children went to school but they did 2 years of schooling in one year and graduated in the 8th grade. After that they either married, or got jobs and some joined services such as Merchant Marines, or the Coast Guard. If your family had money you traveled. My Grandfather would travel to the States to do his Painting and then come home with the money, I think he was a adventurer and was bored in one place. He wanted to live in the States due to the amount of money he could make here.

That's Mom told me of a vision she had of America and the money trees and the streets being paved in gold. I remember thinking how naive and even snickering about it with my siblings, but as I grew up I all to soon realized that she was so sheltered by only getting to know what the family allowed them to know.

My Grandfather was stern and you didn't piss him off by no means...another words he didn't spare the rod from the tales I've heard. My Grandmother didn't dare push his buttons so to speak either. I know that she had ways of getting her way though; Mom said they would go to Grandma for protection. Hmmmm...I wonder what that was.
Grandpa could be loving also, there were many tales of wonderful "God Jul's" or Christmas' and the homemade presents, also presents that were bartered for. I know that he must have done the shopping in his travels.

My Great Grandfather would dress as "Nisse"...The Norwegian "Nisse" is not like his American relative Santa Claus. The Norwegian "Nisse" differs from both Santa Claus and St. Nicholas. Which, in most homes is more or less identical to Santa Claus. The "Julenisse" brings presents to all the nice children on Christmas Eve.

But only after you ate your Lutefisk...
Lutefisk (dried cod treated with lye) must surely be the strangest culinary effort credited to the Norwegians, Everyone of course is not a devotee of lutefisk, but those who are defend it vehemently. Others go to the opposite extreme and claim it's a national disgrace and give it to Norwegian-Americans as joke to watch them try it and become grossed out. I suggest as a tradition make Norwegian donuts or something, they can keep the Lutefisk!

Sorry for the side track but you had to be forewarned back to the Julenisse... He is not as shy as Santa though, since the "julenisse" delivers the presents himself. He does not come down the chimney in the middle of the night. Now on Christmas Eve it is important to remember the Nisse with a bowl of porridge. This insures that the Nisse will be happy and continue to watch the family farm. If you forget, he is full of mischief and will play tricks on you.

Now church was another thing that was big in her family, The Lutheran faith was their belief, you went to church every Sunday without fail, I don't think the kids tried as hard to get out of it then as they do now due to the socializing that was done there.

Now let me touch on a subject that left an emotional scar on my Mom for life...The German Invasion in 1940, there are many stories that I've heard, and some that begged to be told and were to hurtful to even speak of. I know anytime there is a forced invasion these things happen but to see the pain in my moms face when she spoke of this was horrifying. The German soldiers did and had whatever they wanted, age was no matter. Yes, I'm referring to rape and pillage.

They took families hostage to get their young boys to go and fight with them because they knew the Norwegian country sides, they took their food, slaughtered their livestock to feed their troops. The Norwegian people were so overwhelmed by their presence. They did eventually form groups of men known as the Norwegian resistance that would go and sabotage the troops and try to take back either their own people or take back some supplies needed to survive.
The Norwegians to protect their families would burn their churches to destroy church records such as birth certificates, Meanwhile Germans were going from town to town trying to find the young men by going to the churches and getting birth records.
So now it is very hard to do any genealogy work on my particular family history due to the destroyed records.

I don't even pretend to be a historian on this subject, I only know what I've been told and was completely freaked out by what Moms family must have gone thru.

At the age of 15 my Mom came to the land of "Opportunity" via Ellis Island. She spent 7 days and 7 nights aboard a ship, Nausea, and the fight to get sea legs were common. She stepped off the boat into America and was somewhat disappointed...No money trees, No streets of gold.

They already had a place to stay, My Grandfathers sister lived here by now and helped them get situated. My Grandmother died shorly after that in New York from white swelling disease more commonly known as Cancer nowadays. I almost believe that was why they came for better doctors, But I'm sure the kids were kept completely oblivious to this.
Can you imagine coming to a foreign country and nobody speaks your language and if they do they will only teach you American dirty words to get a good laugh. It must have been so hard.

Now, the resolution to my story.

In this day and time I'm thankful to have had the life I've had. I'm thankful to have had the many blessings and the advancements in the way we do things now. I guess I'm thanking my forefathers for their insights and hard work to make things as they are now.
I'm also thankful for not having to live the atrocities that so many have had to live before us.
from one of the first born Norwegian-Americans in my family...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Happy Birthday

On this day 11/12 in nineteen and seventy eight into this world came a little bouncing baby boy, he was born in the evening, which was perfect to get a decent nights sleep after the hard work of labor. I got smart and had a spinal block with him but they didn't do it soon enough for me.

So he came into this world healthy, happy well almost....He had a problem with his thyroid gland not working. I had to take him for blood tests for three weeks to follow and finally it kicked in. Now I had the happy, healthy baby boy I wanted...I would have taken him anyway.

When he came into the world he was welcomed home by two siblings making him the low man on the totem pole amongst them I'm sure. Rarely could I set down his bottle without his brother just a short 14 months older than him, grabbing it and sneaking off and drinking it. Now to this day I don't know if it was because he knew it was for the brother or he just liked it.

Carl began to grow and like most babies didn't stay little long enough for me to get my fill of him...He had a hearty appetite, liked almost everything except scalloped potatoes. He was so funny...we had a two bite rule. You have to take a least 2 bites of everything on your plate so you can train your taste buds to like certain foods, His gag reflex would always rear it ugly face in the middle of dinner if he had the infamous Scalloped Potato’s on his plate, Oh and nothing could touch them either...yuck he thought.
I do believe that still to this day he will not eat a serving of scalloped potato’s.

As time went on Carl grew and became quite the confident little man, Other than his fear of the dark, he was reasonably secure with who he was...Now he could be quite the jokester too!

It was Halloween, or about a week or so before and he and his older sister decide to freak Mom out and somewhere they had gotten the fake vampire blood. He couldn't have been more than 6-7, Sister comes running in the house and is yelling "MOM CARL IS HURT AND BLEEDING" ...I'm cooking dinner...So drop everything and start out after him, I only could imagine the worst and my heart is beating out of my chest in fear of what I was about to see. In thru the front door the little shit comes, And it looks to me from a distance that he knocked half his teeth out, maybe an accident on his bike or something...and he had me fooled for a nano second, Upon closer inspection he busts up laughing spraying me with that vampire blood, both him and his devious sister had a good laugh over that one. They still laugh about that...little does he knows I wanted to strangle him…only after I knew he'd be alright.

Even with times like that I still miss my kids as little ones and to this day I'd love to have more, As I've said in a previous post I am the "mommy aficionado" I love my kids!

Now that they are grown and have lives of their own its sometimes sad to not see them everyday, I do fill my days with plenty of other things but I wish to fill them more often with them.

Happy Birthday Carl I'm so very proud of you and the man you've become. You are one of the bright lights that I helped to bring into this world and you've made me proud. Mom

...and to the rest of my readers, Thanks for hanging in there and letting me "Ode to the baby boy" so to speak. Sweeti

Thursday, November 10, 2005


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> > >>> >>Now, get your mind out of the gutter.... And get your flu
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Monday, November 07, 2005

My Favorite Tire Store

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WooHoo New Tires And Shocks!

WooHoo, New Tires…And Shocks!
    Have you ever met a woman excited about this subject? I do like a nice tire on a rig but, this was for safety this time. I almost bit it going around an S curve not to long ago, hit some slick leaves and you guessed it NO TRACTION! It almost made me piss my pants, because the place I was headed was over a cliff and no guardrail Oh, my God that was scary! So at the last minute I hit some bare pavement and got some grip Whew!

    I also am a fanatic about how clean my truck is.  It’s white so it shows dirt pretty good and looks like crap when it’s dirty.
   You see I have all this shiny chrome that is beautiful when clean, Chrome bumpers, chrome rims, tube rail steps and mirrors. The guys at the car wash get a little something extra to do a good job cleaning it for me…and I’m a good tipper, so they see me coming.
   Now, when the wash is all done that’s where I come in on the tires, No touch tire spray to re blacken the tires. A good cleaning on the chrome rims so they shine like the sun.  Then to the inside, Vacuum, Dust, and empty the garbage bag. I’m a finicky shit when it comes to my automobile. I absolutely hate finger prints on the glass, Even when I smoked I would clean the glass for clarity…I just couldn’t stand it!

Hi everyone this is my stand in Grand daughter Annie-We are being patient and waiting for the right time for my son Jer and Wife April to bring a bundle into this world. Personally I can wait a little longer, But would like to be still able to do things and enjoy them.

Anyway Annie will fill the void for now, The picture with orange toy was when she was a baby and the picture with the hoodie sweater is now.

One of these dogs (Preferably Female) will be the only other dog that comes in this house. I want one of these so bad!
But I'd like to have it from a baby about 7-8 weeks and raise it myself. But Yorkshire Terriers are so expensive 500.00-1500.00 depending on the breeder Ouch! I need to be a breeder...Yeah, that's the ticket. Then I could play with all the pups I wanted to and have it pay for it self.

I got to visit my son Jer and April and Annie when I went to Vegas in August and she was just a love. I guess she had a mind of her own when it came to being potty trained though, But all seems ok now. She is so cute! By the way I love my kids too!

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's Only November 4th ....

Today while driving to get my Flu and Pneumonia shot I look off to the right hand side of Hwy 213 and what do I see but Christmas trees, thousands of them and yes already cut! I know they are for shipping to probably foreign lands. At least I hope that’s the case. Think about it...It's only November 4th....Boy doesn't that put a fire under your butt to get some things done. Cripes, I don't know where to start.

Henny Penny and the clan

The Sinus Condition

Mostly everyone has had a Sinus infection sometime in their life, The kind with an inner ear thing that reduces you to saying what did you say?...Constantly because you weren't looking at them when they spoke to you. Hence .... Lip reading.

I finally had my day at the E.N.&T.s office, He was about 40ish nice looking , pretty likable as a Dr. so far. He did listen to me when I told him that I was an active participant in my own health care decisions. He let me go thru my symptoms, length of illness, which has been since July suffering sinus headaches. I told him of the 3 prior courses of antibiotics and they were not for the faint hearted either. Then I told him that I thought I need an antibiotic for areas of little blood flow due the areas that I was dealing with. He said when you get done that’s exactly what I intend to prescribe...Wow, I could have kissed him! Where was he when I needed him 3 months ago?

Now the good part, He tells me this is not your run of the mill sinus infection and it’s pretty serious, I could have been plagued with this for years. Taking weaker antibiotics and knocking it down a bit for a while and then it coming back again. Oh, and I know this to be true for sure. Anyway he springs it on me that if I see no improvement in a week to call him, And come back in 2 weeks for sure. Also he tells me that there’s a good possibility I'll be on these antibiotics for approx. 6 weeks, my jaw dropped, I truely thought he was kidding. The old saying I don't like to do anything that feels good for that long much less do pills 2, three times a day....Do you know how many pills that is? (252 Pills)

I am so hopeful that this works, I'm going back to my photography classes for the winter term and I so need to be able to think and comprehend what I'm supposed to be learning.

I stand at my kitchen sink and lookout to the tree that used to be and still thank my lucky stars that I'm here to talk about it. I love that now I have this view of our neighbor’s farm yard. Henny penny and all the girls are out during the day and it fun to watch them wander and pick around the yard. I am a chicken fan in more ways than one. They are really beautiful, and why the roosters get the best color is beyond me but its true. You know the saying about madder than a wet hen, It's true they get pissed off when it starts raining and beat feet back to the hen house shaking their wings all the way.

My neighbors are some of the nicest people; we talk but haven't really done anything together with them other than support their kids in their fund raisers and things like that. Speaking of kids they have 4 of the most well behaved kids I've ever seen in my life...How did they do that I wonder...I have always considered myself to be the Momma aficionado so to speak, I loved raising my kids that are all grown now. But let me tell you they were very good most of the time but had to lip service me from time to time. I never hear this from the neighbor kids, Never ever....What’s with that?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Downed Tree 10/31/05

This is my first post of course on what I anticipate to be a good outlet for my wanting to write, My sanity of being able to express myself and hopefully for you to enjoy and respond to when the mood strikes.

First of all, I live in the Beautiful Northwest and to get all the trees and grass so green here we require months of rain....Aughhh... I could do without all this. It sometimes drives me crazy, OK... most of the time it drives me crazy. I do love the sunshine. It for the most part matches my personality. Sunny with a spike of mischievousness, a dash of confidence, and flat out determined to be and do what feels right to me in my world.

We do however sometimes suffer the repercussions of "Mother Natures Rath" whether it is by Flooding, Ice, snow, wind, funnel clouds, El Nino's, or even Earthquakes. The full gambit. Such as the pictures from just the other day, Yeah this is my front yard...and directly behind this event my home. I'm only thankful that "Mother Nature" decided to blow in the opposite direction or "We" the tree and I would have been bed partners.

Now I live in fear every winter because of these tall Fir trees that surround the back half of our home. They are HUGE, and I know now, destructive as all get out. Beautiful, but deadly anywhere close to a home. The wind is the worst. Laying in bed it always seems to kick up about 2 am. And it’s darker than the ace of spades out here so unless the moon is full you’re only guessing in the direction its blowing. Hmmmmm... is it away from the house of towards the house? Oh, My God I cannot sleep a wink after that. Yeah, it’s pretty scary!

Now, let me tell you that when a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s listening…it’s loud. When a tree hits power lines in the middle of the night it’s also very loud!