Tuesday, November 22, 2005

===Back from the Rodeo

The drive to Redmond, Or. Was good, We had bright sunshine till we got over the mountain, And let me tell you I wanted so bad to say just turn around and go back to the sunshine, But being the good sport I am, I just kept quiet. But on the inside I was screaming "Where the hell is my sunshine?"


This is after the mountain, and on to the other side in an area rich in history called Warm Springs Indian Reservation, its beautiful there with color right now but not in the fog, Do you see the fog bank we were about to go into? The temp. Outside is now 31 degrees and its friggen cold let me tell you! We did not see the sunshine again til we got back over the mountain on Sunday, and it was like having a ton of bricks lifted from your shoulders...Everyone's mood improved within 10 minutes!

Well, we didn't come home with the win we were hoping for but, Carl did come away from the rodeo safe and that's a blessing in itself.

Friday Carl got his steer down in 6.0 seconds which is not too bad but the money time was from 3.9 seconds to probably a 5.0. In this event a 10th of a second could be the deciding factor. On Saturday Carl had a good run with a 4.8, But the they tacked on a 10 second penalty for breaking the barrier which brought his score for that run to a 14.8. That sucked, we felt bad for Carl.
Now an explanation to what the barrier is:
The barrier is a breakaway rope that is pulled across the roping chutes. It is designed to give the steer or calf a head start out into the arena making the competition more difficult. Breaking the barrier (breaking the rope or leaving too early) results in a 10 second penalty added to the overall time of the competitor.
Now on to Sunday, It was a little bit of a wrestling match and it took a little more time, the run ended up being a 7.4, ... I believe.

Now all this adds up to approx. A 28.2 for the total of all rounds and that's just not gonna get you in the money, I think he ended up 6th or 7th in the Circuit.
(Sorry Carl, we still think you did great just getting to the finals!)

It was World Champion Brad Gleason who rode away with the Average title. Brad is from Touchet,Wa. He wrestled his three steers to the ground in a total for all rounds 13.6 seconds. Finishing out of the payoff in the first and third rounds, Gleason managed to take home $2,753. Congratulations!

...And now I have to rave on another friend of ours that came to our home over the 4th of July weekend.

Sam Mackenzie from Jordan Valley, Ore. A Saddle Bronc Rider showed up the rest of the competition by grabbing the Average title with 233 points. Sam landed in the money in all three rounds, finishing with $4,130. WooHooo, Congratulations Sam!

We host the Rodeo Cowboys that our brother Carl travels with when they are in our area a few good meals, a place to hang their hat and unwind from the road, plenty of hot showers, and a few spirited competitions on the playstation II and Xbox for entertainment. In exchange for some funny stories and good times at the Rodeo. I think I'm gaining a reputation for good grub amongst the boys. We do enjoy having them here at our makeshift bunkhouse!

Well, I'd better get on with my day, So this sums up my weekend it was fun but cold, how about yours? Sweeti

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Jeannie said...

Sounds exciting! We don't get any rodeos around here. I'm not sure I'd like my son to be in one tho.

AprilMaranda said...

I love the rodeo! Sounds like you had a good time.

Happy Thanksgiving!