Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Downed Tree 10/31/05

This is my first post of course on what I anticipate to be a good outlet for my wanting to write, My sanity of being able to express myself and hopefully for you to enjoy and respond to when the mood strikes.

First of all, I live in the Beautiful Northwest and to get all the trees and grass so green here we require months of rain....Aughhh... I could do without all this. It sometimes drives me crazy, OK... most of the time it drives me crazy. I do love the sunshine. It for the most part matches my personality. Sunny with a spike of mischievousness, a dash of confidence, and flat out determined to be and do what feels right to me in my world.

We do however sometimes suffer the repercussions of "Mother Natures Rath" whether it is by Flooding, Ice, snow, wind, funnel clouds, El Nino's, or even Earthquakes. The full gambit. Such as the pictures from just the other day, Yeah this is my front yard...and directly behind this event my home. I'm only thankful that "Mother Nature" decided to blow in the opposite direction or "We" the tree and I would have been bed partners.

Now I live in fear every winter because of these tall Fir trees that surround the back half of our home. They are HUGE, and I know now, destructive as all get out. Beautiful, but deadly anywhere close to a home. The wind is the worst. Laying in bed it always seems to kick up about 2 am. And it’s darker than the ace of spades out here so unless the moon is full you’re only guessing in the direction its blowing. Hmmmmm... is it away from the house of towards the house? Oh, My God I cannot sleep a wink after that. Yeah, it’s pretty scary!

Now, let me tell you that when a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s listening…it’s loud. When a tree hits power lines in the middle of the night it’s also very loud!

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