Saturday, November 12, 2005

Happy Birthday

On this day 11/12 in nineteen and seventy eight into this world came a little bouncing baby boy, he was born in the evening, which was perfect to get a decent nights sleep after the hard work of labor. I got smart and had a spinal block with him but they didn't do it soon enough for me.

So he came into this world healthy, happy well almost....He had a problem with his thyroid gland not working. I had to take him for blood tests for three weeks to follow and finally it kicked in. Now I had the happy, healthy baby boy I wanted...I would have taken him anyway.

When he came into the world he was welcomed home by two siblings making him the low man on the totem pole amongst them I'm sure. Rarely could I set down his bottle without his brother just a short 14 months older than him, grabbing it and sneaking off and drinking it. Now to this day I don't know if it was because he knew it was for the brother or he just liked it.

Carl began to grow and like most babies didn't stay little long enough for me to get my fill of him...He had a hearty appetite, liked almost everything except scalloped potatoes. He was so funny...we had a two bite rule. You have to take a least 2 bites of everything on your plate so you can train your taste buds to like certain foods, His gag reflex would always rear it ugly face in the middle of dinner if he had the infamous Scalloped Potato’s on his plate, Oh and nothing could touch them either...yuck he thought.
I do believe that still to this day he will not eat a serving of scalloped potato’s.

As time went on Carl grew and became quite the confident little man, Other than his fear of the dark, he was reasonably secure with who he was...Now he could be quite the jokester too!

It was Halloween, or about a week or so before and he and his older sister decide to freak Mom out and somewhere they had gotten the fake vampire blood. He couldn't have been more than 6-7, Sister comes running in the house and is yelling "MOM CARL IS HURT AND BLEEDING" ...I'm cooking dinner...So drop everything and start out after him, I only could imagine the worst and my heart is beating out of my chest in fear of what I was about to see. In thru the front door the little shit comes, And it looks to me from a distance that he knocked half his teeth out, maybe an accident on his bike or something...and he had me fooled for a nano second, Upon closer inspection he busts up laughing spraying me with that vampire blood, both him and his devious sister had a good laugh over that one. They still laugh about that...little does he knows I wanted to strangle him…only after I knew he'd be alright.

Even with times like that I still miss my kids as little ones and to this day I'd love to have more, As I've said in a previous post I am the "mommy aficionado" I love my kids!

Now that they are grown and have lives of their own its sometimes sad to not see them everyday, I do fill my days with plenty of other things but I wish to fill them more often with them.

Happy Birthday Carl I'm so very proud of you and the man you've become. You are one of the bright lights that I helped to bring into this world and you've made me proud. Mom

...and to the rest of my readers, Thanks for hanging in there and letting me "Ode to the baby boy" so to speak. Sweeti

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Jeannie said...

It is amazing what our bodies are capable of producing!