Monday, November 07, 2005

Hi everyone this is my stand in Grand daughter Annie-We are being patient and waiting for the right time for my son Jer and Wife April to bring a bundle into this world. Personally I can wait a little longer, But would like to be still able to do things and enjoy them.

Anyway Annie will fill the void for now, The picture with orange toy was when she was a baby and the picture with the hoodie sweater is now.

One of these dogs (Preferably Female) will be the only other dog that comes in this house. I want one of these so bad!
But I'd like to have it from a baby about 7-8 weeks and raise it myself. But Yorkshire Terriers are so expensive 500.00-1500.00 depending on the breeder Ouch! I need to be a breeder...Yeah, that's the ticket. Then I could play with all the pups I wanted to and have it pay for it self.

I got to visit my son Jer and April and Annie when I went to Vegas in August and she was just a love. I guess she had a mind of her own when it came to being potty trained though, But all seems ok now. She is so cute! By the way I love my kids too!

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