Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Journal

A few weeks ago my Daughter asked me if I wanted to pass a journal back and forth to each other. I thought about it and said that I'd like to do that, Immediately she says to me in a tone that says to me that she thinks that she's the rule maker now "No camping with the journal" in another words she had a time frame that we should stay in.
I'm still waiting to get it back....

OK, I said. So she put her first entry in and I found it pleasant, there was even "I think your butt is getting smaller mom" in there. OK now I'm saying... "I think I like this". She asked questions about my mom and questions about things we had not had time to discuss.
I replied and was able to elaborate on subjects that ordinarily would be cut short because of an interruption of some sort.

I guess what I'm trying to say its pretty neat to do this even if you only write about everyday things, Someday when one of us is no longer here I can see the comfort in being able to read over the journal and feel the closeness.

You know there was a time in my life that I thought my daughter was from Mars and there was no way possible that we'd be close, It was in her 15th year....I kid you not, I was ready to run away. She was so mouthy and self centered that I couldn't hardly wait for her to be grown up. But now things have come full circle and she either has found a new respect for me or she can now see for herself what it felt like to be me...She has 2 boys, I didn't even give her the mother's curse. (You know the one that says when you grow up your going to have kids twice as bad as you.)

I am so glad to have her back, If she only knew how much I loved her little fingers and toes, How much I used to love kissing her little forehead and nose and tickling her tummy, bathing her to dress her in her cute little dresses. Yes, I was young but there was no feelings on my part that I'd be missing something due to having a baby. I loved every minute of it.

Thank goodness things don't stay the same all the time...I'd still have an Alien...More on the passing of the journal over time. She is so humorous now that it should get interesting, She has a sense of humor that is wickedly funny. To be continued.....

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Jeannie said...

The journal idea is a good one. My daughter would probably be right on top of that one but then there isn't too much we don't talk about. She knows she can pour me one more drink and I'll answer any question she has with the truth. I loved my kids as teens. We didn't have that alien thing going for some reason. Their friends were very comfortable around me too. I only sensed an awkwardness around the age of 11 or 12 when they couldn't decide whether they were kids or grownup. Remembering the kids when they were babies gives you the warm fuzzies huh?

D.T. said...

OMG...thats really sweet. To know that she is now more mature and is ready for a relationship with her good ol' ma...that has so got to put a smile on your face, right?

And if anything, your story gives me some hope for my future with my folks. Hopefully I wont be so Alien with them later in life.