Friday, November 04, 2005

The Sinus Condition

Mostly everyone has had a Sinus infection sometime in their life, The kind with an inner ear thing that reduces you to saying what did you say?...Constantly because you weren't looking at them when they spoke to you. Hence .... Lip reading.

I finally had my day at the E.N.&T.s office, He was about 40ish nice looking , pretty likable as a Dr. so far. He did listen to me when I told him that I was an active participant in my own health care decisions. He let me go thru my symptoms, length of illness, which has been since July suffering sinus headaches. I told him of the 3 prior courses of antibiotics and they were not for the faint hearted either. Then I told him that I thought I need an antibiotic for areas of little blood flow due the areas that I was dealing with. He said when you get done that’s exactly what I intend to prescribe...Wow, I could have kissed him! Where was he when I needed him 3 months ago?

Now the good part, He tells me this is not your run of the mill sinus infection and it’s pretty serious, I could have been plagued with this for years. Taking weaker antibiotics and knocking it down a bit for a while and then it coming back again. Oh, and I know this to be true for sure. Anyway he springs it on me that if I see no improvement in a week to call him, And come back in 2 weeks for sure. Also he tells me that there’s a good possibility I'll be on these antibiotics for approx. 6 weeks, my jaw dropped, I truely thought he was kidding. The old saying I don't like to do anything that feels good for that long much less do pills 2, three times a day....Do you know how many pills that is? (252 Pills)

I am so hopeful that this works, I'm going back to my photography classes for the winter term and I so need to be able to think and comprehend what I'm supposed to be learning.

I stand at my kitchen sink and lookout to the tree that used to be and still thank my lucky stars that I'm here to talk about it. I love that now I have this view of our neighbor’s farm yard. Henny penny and all the girls are out during the day and it fun to watch them wander and pick around the yard. I am a chicken fan in more ways than one. They are really beautiful, and why the roosters get the best color is beyond me but its true. You know the saying about madder than a wet hen, It's true they get pissed off when it starts raining and beat feet back to the hen house shaking their wings all the way.

My neighbors are some of the nicest people; we talk but haven't really done anything together with them other than support their kids in their fund raisers and things like that. Speaking of kids they have 4 of the most well behaved kids I've ever seen in my life...How did they do that I wonder...I have always considered myself to be the Momma aficionado so to speak, I loved raising my kids that are all grown now. But let me tell you they were very good most of the time but had to lip service me from time to time. I never hear this from the neighbor kids, Never ever....What’s with that?

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