Friday, November 18, 2005

We're off to the Rodeo

"Waitin to Ride"

First of all, A big Thank You to Jeannie for helping me find my colors!

This weekend is the Circuit Finals for the Columbia River Circuit or the Pro Rodeo Association. We have 2 Brothers Carl,&Clint as well numerous friends who rodeo and try to make it into the top 12. Well, this year we have a brother in the top 12 in Steer Wrestling. His name is (John Carl)or Carl S. not to be confused with my son Carl Y. who only wrestles bank notes, employees and credit cards but is not without his sports also.
Carl S. Is up Friday Night and Saturday night and if he makes it to the top 3 I think he gets another go on Sunday. We are hoping that he makes it and gets to go to the Big One in Las Vegas.

Ok everybody keep your fingers crossed for him! I'll get back to you on Monday. Have a superb weekend!

Oh, I almost forgot Jeannie I cut my hair again, this time only a couple inches more. I like this cut much better.

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Jeannie said...

Rodeo sounds like fun!
I think chopping the hair becomes addictive - I got mine done again last week! A bit shorter again. She suggested highlights for Christmas....sounds interesting

D.T. said...

Two brothers in the rodeo? WOW...I remember we only had one uncle, but OMG, was my aunt ever a wreck. He used to ride them bulls, and would pray to God that one didnt smash his face in. I hope all went well at the rodeo...cant wait to hear all about it!