Monday, November 07, 2005

WooHoo New Tires And Shocks!

WooHoo, New Tires…And Shocks!
    Have you ever met a woman excited about this subject? I do like a nice tire on a rig but, this was for safety this time. I almost bit it going around an S curve not to long ago, hit some slick leaves and you guessed it NO TRACTION! It almost made me piss my pants, because the place I was headed was over a cliff and no guardrail Oh, my God that was scary! So at the last minute I hit some bare pavement and got some grip Whew!

    I also am a fanatic about how clean my truck is.  It’s white so it shows dirt pretty good and looks like crap when it’s dirty.
   You see I have all this shiny chrome that is beautiful when clean, Chrome bumpers, chrome rims, tube rail steps and mirrors. The guys at the car wash get a little something extra to do a good job cleaning it for me…and I’m a good tipper, so they see me coming.
   Now, when the wash is all done that’s where I come in on the tires, No touch tire spray to re blacken the tires. A good cleaning on the chrome rims so they shine like the sun.  Then to the inside, Vacuum, Dust, and empty the garbage bag. I’m a finicky shit when it comes to my automobile. I absolutely hate finger prints on the glass, Even when I smoked I would clean the glass for clarity…I just couldn’t stand it!

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