Tuesday, December 20, 2005

25 Years Ago...

You see this Man, this is my Dad and that is me. He was the man of my life. I loved everything about him. I remember thinking I would marry a man just like him when I grew up.

He taught me to eat peanut butter with Ice cream, hominy grits, and best of all he taught me to take pictures. We used an old Brownie type camera and black and white film. I still love photography today because of him...and peanut butter and Ice cream too!
He played Guitar and sang like Merle Haggard and serenaded me every chance he got and I blushed and hide my face everytime but love every minute of it. He taught me songs and we sang together for the few short years he was around. He was king in my world.

He was a Logger, Drywaller, and Carpenter...Traveled a lot and mom and us kids did not always get to go with him. He and my Mom had a torrid love affair and finally marriage, He was so flirtatious, charming and such a ladies man and now that I'm older know he was not faithful for the most part.

I don't know if it was my Mom that drove him to it or if he just couldn't settle down with one woman.

He had a older Harley Davidson, Sky blue, I remember it like it was yesterday. Simply Beautiful, Sexy even, a 1962, With all the black leather saddlebags and chrome you could see coming a mile away it sparkled so much.

Almost like this one.

On the bike was always 2 helmets, One said Harold on the back and one said Ingjerd. Too many people told my Mom they seen her and my Dad riding around town, When she wasn't the Ingjerd under the helmet and she knew it not with 3 kids to tend to at home. It was a lady named Urma, Another fiery Redhead you see he had a passion for Redheads.

My Mom forgave him and took him back many times and I know it was because she truly loved him. He had stolen her heart and ruined it for any man to come. She always had distrust issues from then on.

But you know, growing up there was no other man that could take his place in my life either. I loved my Dad and he could do no wrong, I would steal his t-shirts from his dresser to sleep with because his smell always kept me close to him. I would sleep like a baby with that smell around me.
This man knew I love and cherished him, that I know this to be true.

I still don't understand how a man can leave his little girl knowing her heart will be crushed when he doesn't come home that night by choice. And chose not come home for months because of a new love interest. Not only was I waiting for him but two brothers also. Hmmmm how sad, he couldn't realize before it was too late.

I did spend time with my Dad before his death, We traveled and talked I forgave him like my mother before me, Although he never got all of my trust back and I so wanted to give it to him. He can't hurt me anymore and know I can say I loved him more than he could ever have loved me in 2 life times.

Rest in peace Dad

I still miss you!

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