Monday, December 26, 2005

The Mr. and his dog

...Just had to share this picture, My daughter took it while she took care of the Raleigh Dog during our trip to the rodeo. She lets him do things that he would get in trouble for at home. I'll have to start giving her his repremands instead of him.

Today the Mr. is out bird hunting, A trip to the Condon area. I have not a clue just where the hell that is but he called and he's having a good time.
I think its good for him to take little breaks like this, He dedicates his life to making my life comfortable.

I think getting this bird dog was a good thing for him, First the Brittany Spaniel breed practically trains itself they are so smart. Therefore not adding to his frustration of pet care, and useful too...Bonus.

They make the owner look so brilliant, they are so clingy and love attention. The thing I get to do with him is treat him to spa nights. You guessed it, Bathing and grooming, He loves it and when its cold and rainy out can't wait to jump in the tub and then get dried with the blow drier.

Isn't it funny how for the most part we treat or pets whether it is dogs, cats, or horses so much like members of the family. If you are not a pet owner you just wouldn't understand.

Hmmmmm, now I know why the Mr. keeps me around. Just kidding.

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D.T. said...

Awww...your dog looks so cute. And its so cool that he already knows how to train himself. My dog is exactly like Murray from Mad About You. He's so sweet and loveable, but a total dud...still, he's one of the family!

Jeannie said...

Hey Sweeti! Just catching up - sounds like you had a great Christmas! I want that dog! I keep saying I won't have another when my old fart finally goes but...
God Bless - and thanks for the E-card1

Pirate said...

gotta love us or kill us.