Monday, December 26, 2005

My it's a wonderful life moment

During the progression of our family dinner I remember feeling a little wiped out, But almost ahead of myself. I know that's an oxymoron. But it was like I was getting a red tape free finale to my preparations, Although I felt the struggle to finish anything I started this year, The heavens were helping me along in the final sprint to get things done.

I had another revelation in the middle or near the end of our name draw gift exchange, I had an inner peace come over me and I heard no noise, things looked warmer, even felt the glow.
(And I wasn't sweating so I know it wasn't a hot flash.)

My family is so precious to me, I had the #1 son here by the way of his gift, A picture book that he and my Daughter in law so thoughtfully created of their wedding.

They were passed around for the whole family to enjoy and everyone here missed them terribly, But our hearts were eased with the sights of their faces!
We missed their hugs though.

We had the #1 Grandson missing this year, He went on his first that he could remember plane flight to visit his Dad in Spokane, WA., He was so excited for this. I know he loves his Dad but Christmas Eve is an important gathering on this side of the family. I guess I'll need to reiterate this to his Dad, I know his Dad knows this. We missed him.

Its so hard to have split/broken families and coordinate these events so they have meaningful memories and experiences to pass on to their kids.

Anyway back to the feeling...I had never felt quite like this before, It was a Wonderful life moment like you've watched being portrayed in the movies, All the gift giving didn't matter only the smiles on everyone's faces, I seen contentment and love in its true beauty.
I felt some special sentimental past Christmas feelings by way of my baby sister, I love her! (Daughter)Jalana having her Dad in her life after all these years. This needed to happen.

I felt some present feelings by the way of a new face to our gathering she was both a happy and delightful new member and very much welcomed.

A new future feeling that the #2 grandson had shown me in the newly generated feeling for him of giving a gift that he had worked for and picked out, He experienced first hand the future of the joy of giving of himself. And no it wasn't the gift that mattered to me it was the happy heart I could see, He gave so joyfully. It takes a lifetime for some people to feel what he felt on the 8th Christmas of his life.

I've always thought Trenton was an old soul in a young body. He will make someone truly happy someday with his down to earth attitude, He's a good spirit with a good heart.

So I guess my gift was a surprise after all, I never expected to feel the ambush of emotions that I've felt this holiday, I'm only thankful for them...What a gift!

God truly blessed me and my family this year!

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Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time at your house for Christmas. I remember saying to someone that it always feels from the time we walk in the door until the time that we leave that we're getting one big hug the entire time. So much warmth and love - it's really special.