Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh, My Gosh has life been hectic!

Oh, My Gosh has life been hectic and freezing cold, 22 degrees here this morning but sunny WooHoo! The cousins in Florida must have their ears burning now because all I can talk about is how good it must feel to have the 80 plus degrees baking your bones this time of year. (Note to self)... Some year I will give myself a gift of summer sun for Christmas like a week in the St. Croix or the Bahamas. A great pipe dream on my part...

Between getting the Wade ready to go to California and mind you- without Me, and running to all these different Drs. Appointments for one thing or another.

I have finally got a few days to myself.

I'm not looking forward to Monday and Tuesday though because I will get results from all the CT scans and blood work done this week. Hopefully it will be ok and they come to some conclusion why I can't get feeling up to par. But I'm not wasting a minute of solitude on worrying over that, the results will be the same no matter what!

I should be doing my baking while no one is here to eat it all up before I get it in the appropriate containers and shipped to its destination, But I'm not...I should be finishing decorating my tree that stands in my living room all naked of bulbs and decorations, It has lights only because the tree comes out of a box and its pre-lighted. You want hear something funny, I go and plug the tree in and just look at the simplicity of the lights and kind of enjoy it. It's one of the simple things in my life right now that I like...And a little laziness too, Which I interpret as self preservation.

Christmas Eve is barreling in upon us quickly and I am just sitting here. For you that don't have the benefit of knowing what a Christmas Eve dinner is like at my house I will explain. First of all my home is small and I pack in up to 20 or so people for dinner, Family and Friends, I do the dinner buffet style because no where in the house could I put a table long enough to fit or accommodate this many people. The strange thing is they keep coming back after I pack them in like sardines so it must not be as bad as I think.

First of all...All diets are off when you come to my house if only for one night. I cook with real butter, use real cream and do nothing low fat.
My dinner will be this wonderful bone in Ham (A Traditional Scandinavian Christmas eve dinner) that I order ahead of time from a local Butcher shop (Fishers), (It has been consistently the best ham that I have ever eaten and I have bought from them for 24 years now).
Then I will make the usual Mashed potato and a nice browned butter gravy, Candied Yams with heavy cream and pineapple (my personal favorite), Lots of appetizers or fillers as the family says. Delightfully Deviled Eggs, celery sticks with cream cheese and some with peanut butter. Oh, and bacon wrapped water chestnut with and without chicken livers. Vegetables usually corn which I for some reason forget about when I put it in the microwave to heat up, and remember ¾ of the way thru the meal if at all.
Now comes the draw I think for my family, I bake for weeks before hand. Pumpkin breads with a cream cheese topping to spread on the slices and Pumpkin pies, apple strudel bread, Christmas stolen (Norwegian fruit bread) zucchini bread, Cookies of all kinds, Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, ginger bread, butter cookies, and if I'm good with time I make Norwegian donuts or Fattigmann a Norwegian fried cookie...It is a carb fest and there is not much left when the dinner is over, We have goodie bags that everyone takes home with them, And they pick their favorite things to take home. This is my gift to the family, it's homemade and made with the greatest care and my best recipes I think it is well received unless they are just humoring me, it's looked forward to each year.

Now I haven't even started my shopping, the spirit is in me but like Jeannie I'm still gathering ideas...I feel your frustration.

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Jeannie said...

sounds so delicious! You definitely go to a lot more trouble than I have for years. The kids get on me about that. I would make the effort but there's the diet. Hope your tests come back ok - maybe something like low iron that could be easily enough treated.

Pirate said...

sounds like you have one lucky man.