Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well, to the results of all my testing...It showed my kidneys acting badly spewing protein like there's no tomorrow, my liver enzymes higher than normal and my Ldl up 30 points all this and I haven't changed anything. Then to top it all off I get to have sinus surgery January 10th. and look like a Racoon(black eyes) for weeks afterward. This all sucks! Lets hope it helps.

I'm still trying to get myself ready for Christmas and its almost here, I keep taking stabs at decorating the tree, then I take a break, and go back again. I will finish sooner or later I guess... maybe by New Years huh.

Wade or the Mr. made it home safely and the trip was good, The barn has proved to be an opportunity to be more lucrative.
These are of the grounds and the club house and the barn at Menlo Circus Club in Atherton, Ca. Check it out there's still leaves on the trees!

He brought back pictures on the digital camera I kind of passed down to him, I was testing him to make sure he showed responsibility with it and brought it back home with him. He has this horrible habit of leaving things at barns, such as coffee cups (you know the travel kind) and shirts or jackets and phone chargers. I just didn't want to see the camera fall prey to the same fate. He did good and brought it home safe and sound. I have to give him his "Atta Boy"

We attended an annual Christmas Party that is given in honor of a few Bird hunting trips, Pheasant and Chucker being the main course. Actually its just a nice Christmas party without the expense of gift giving.
Everyone brings a dish depending on where the letter in the last name is in the alphabet.
Mine is always on desert and people tell me this too.
I came thru with a requested whipped Raspberry cheesecake with vanilla mouse and raspberry caps on top drizzled with white chocolate. I left with a huge pan and it came home empty!
This house it was held at was incredible and huge. All the room you needed and more with every detail accommodated. The host and hostess of this years bash were wonderful, just as the hosts of years past were.

Our gracious host and hostess Dean and Leslie.

So this was the bright spot of my week, I enjoyed myself and eat some of the best homemade Macaroni and Cheese for which I'm still awaiting the recipe. Let me know if your interested in it, I'll share. You won't be sorry, Yummmmm!
That was my splurge, I sat and eat this and realized half way thru that this was the most Carbs I had eaten in a long time. But did I stop...Hell No, the damage was already done. I made that sound as if I gorged myself and I did not, just made some unwise choices. But loved every morsel of it!

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