Sunday, December 31, 2006

Have a Safe and Happy New Years Eve.

We're staying home and having a little party, Hats , Horns, and maybe a firework or two.
See ya next year...OX Sweeti

It's Lost

My christmas morning Bling, Gone. It fell from my wrist. Not to be found, I searched high and low... twice. I think I lost it at a local restaurant. To date nobody has turned it in yet. I still am hoping for it but it seems not likely. I'm just sick.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My favorite gift

There were times that could make a grown man cry and times that could bring out the little boy in a man, Times that could make a mother, sister, and a sweetheart cherish forever.
I would like to address the men reading this blog if there are any, I received the best possible gift as my christmas gift, many years in a row now, each year a different sentiment but still looked forward to with great anticipation. A love letter. It costed $5.95 for the Hallmark card. The words inside priceless. Do think of this for your sweetheart start your own tradition...the more you give, the more your receive.
My Favorite Gift

My baby Sister brought me a meaningful gift also, My past, she went thru family albums and brought me family pictures of me and our mom, dad, aunts and uncles, family friends. Along with scrapbooking supplies. Love It!

My Daughter and Son in law

My Grandson and I, Hmmm, at least I'm still smiling, My feet were killing me.

The Mr's Son Bo, Opening a Chefs knife the Mr. made just for him.

The goody table, Coconut and almond bon bons, Pecan pie bars, Carrot cake.

The Baby sister

Uncle Glen getting his first ever probably hand exfoliation, Geez some people never let work just go. The daughter is a new Mary Kay representative.
Now that I have some time to re-cap on our Holiday. Let me say it was another one of those profound and meaningful gatherings. We had good food, family and warm hearts. What more could there be?

The Mr and Aunt Connie (She brings homemade yeast rolls every holiday and this was no exception. Yummmm.)
A dvd player, for viewing pictures away from home and sharing stories with loved ones. Oh, and Christmas morning Bling. What girl doesn't love that? A black onyx and gold Bracelet. Black onyx brings me luck. I'm just lucky to have all these people that love me. That's really what's lucky.

PS. I really loved my Tutti Dolci Lip gloss and hand held Vacuum Too. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post climatic, mildly depressed after holiday state of mind

...You know the feeling, After the holiday, after all the planning, after all the shopping, and after the actual Christmas event when all the wrapping has settled and family has gone home, only leftovers and tidbits, the of your favorite foods and decorations still remain, sadly it's come and gone for another year, when you just sit and let your mind down to relax....Do you hear the silence? Deep Sigh.

For me the Holidays are harder to do every year but feel more rewarding when done...Each year the amount of work prior to the holiday is immense, Cleaning, cooking, planning and shopping. This year was no different although my sinus infection let up for a little bit at the right time also to afford me some energy to cross the finish line with some energy left.

I had some elves come to help me this year and they deserve honorable mention, My daughter came and helped with the tearing down of the guest room and making sure the linens were fresh and did endless loads of laundry from the bed stripping. The Mr.s son, A chef and cook for an assisted care living facility, Came this year and helped make my life less frantic in the kitchen. I felt myself release and say, only after they said "Can I help?"...Yes, you can. Three words in my first baby steps to delegating.
Say your proud of me quickly, I need the positive reinforcement.

They helped out a lot, and me, I'm most appreciative...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Many topics and little time....I must simplify

Simplify: to make simple or simpler: to reduce to basic essentials b : to diminish in scope or complexity : STREAMLINE c : to make more intelligible : CLARIFY.

Seems just simple doesn't it? That's why we don't live in a black and white world and thank goodness there's still shades of gray and life is not always that simple.

Now that reminds me, I need to express a few words on Dr.Laura, Whom I respect her opinion and I feel she's entitled to it. But I don't always agree. Women can marry well with children from previous marriages and have a happy, loving life. Dating after marriage with children is not always a bad thing, Children having babies can raise well adjusted kids and be successful too, Dads can turn themselves around and make their children their priority, If they want to. There is always hope. Nothing is ever just black and white. With life experience I tell you this.

Happy first day of winter, YAY, now the days start getting longer. The winter Solstice deserved a great party this year but I've ran out of time and energy to do it. Just once or maybe twice I'd love to have a great bonfire and some good polka and christmas style music, good hot spiked Wassail, lots of food, friends and no rain to have an outdoor winter solstice party. Sounds fun huh?

I'm thinking once again about my Dad who passed on 26 years ago the 18th, He used to sing Merle Haggard songs to me all the time, Now this is my favorite and reminds me of him.
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star I think, He should have been there more for us and it's not the time that he was not there I try to recoup, Rather the contrary, the times when he was there were mine or so I thought. Now I have him around me all the time, Everytime the stars shine brightly, I know he's there. I wish to understand someday what was so important that could draw a father away from little kids that loved him so much. He was a true wanderer. I still miss his charm and smile.

Yesterday I had another question and answer period with my Doc Tom (:-). We decided just to treat my Sinus infection. He has reminded me of the Wal-Mart 4 dollar prescription program for generic drugs. Now say what you will about Wal-Mart but, I personally like the savings they offer and I know any other details will iron itself out someday.
Just click this link for the list to see if you can save some money. You might want to see if your state is offering the program. I know sometimes for a lot of people it is a choice between food and Meds. It's just utterly ridiculous how much one pill can cost! Go there and try Target Pharmacy too. Do you see the other giant out there doing this? Well Noooo, Maybe Walgreens should take some lessons.

Now an update on Christmas and my lack there of, Tree is up and finally decorated, Presents that needed shipping is done. Presents that need to be bought, Not Done.
I pick up my Fishers bone in Ham today,I'll remind you that it's the best ham in for many, many miles around, Not to salty like most, but absolutely Moist and Tender. You simply can't go wrong here. I say that with 20+ years of experience.

I tell you this only after I have reserved mine. I hope when I go in there my sinuses will let me smell the incrediblely delicious aroma the this place has. It's a sensory thing for me, It immediately makes me remember fond holidays with my loved ones and makes my tummy growl like crazy too. Oh, and finish my grocery shopping too, Probably not a good idea after the ham place but oh well.

I'm gonna try to simplify and enjoy my holiday, I hope you can too!

One last thing...As I was sitting eating my warm with a little butter and honey homemade Oat, Applesauce, and wheat bran muffin this morning thinking Damn, I did good on this batch, and every bite was tasting better and better. I open up an email from the Baby Sis and it was a funny but semi true forward with little quips of knowledgeable humor, I read...The Cardiologists Diet..."If it tastes good spit it out". It figures... Tom if your still reading this was for you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The orphan shoe

I think, that I need an extra throw rug, One that I can wash but it doesn't need to be the greatest. Just a durable throw rug right? So, I go to Kiwanis thift store thinking surely they'd have what I needed. Well No, I guess that's a pretty strong draw this time of year. Who knew.
I thought while I was there I'd look around a bit and I found one bronzed baby shoe, So I bought it. Now just a couple of posts ago I wrote about the Baby shoe tree so you know I like them. I cleaned it up a bit and saw a name on the bottom. It read "Gary Doyle" 8-7-54, My guess his birthdate.
I wonder why this baby shoe got donated, Did he pass away and nobody cared enough to save it?
I drilled or rather the Mr. drilled thru the back of the shoe on top and I pulled a beautiful bronze colored ribbon thru it and hung it on the tree of prestige, The baby shoe tree. Now the orphan shoe has a home with the rest.
Maybe someday I'll get the history on the person who's tiny foot filled this shoe.

We have choices, Please choose wisely.

Mt. Hood without the snow
Recently we had 3 climbers on our Mt. Hood not come back by their expected time frame. I've watched this and prayed they'd find them alive and well for what seems like an eternity. They were mind you, very experienced climbers and knew all the right stuff about survival. Today they called off the mission to search and save them and called it now a recovery mission...Sad.
They have found one of the climbers and he died from exposure. I hate to think it but the rest are probably in the same trouble. Its been 13-14 days and many countless people and planes and advanced aircraft with heat sensing equipment have scoured the mountain to no avail.
I have a problem with this, Not that people with good hearts and high hopes will go to the extent of getting frostbite themselves to save another, Or that flying up there with the weird winds around that mountain whipping up at any given time. But with the stupidity of people climbing a mountain in friggin December!...and jeopardizing other peoples lives if something terrible like this happens. What were they thinking? It was almost like asking for it without asking. What a waste.

My heart goes out to their families, and I know it must be terrible and deeply painful to have sit and watch and wait.

I've heard they could have rented an avalanche beacon for 5 or 10 something each and the signal would have easily been picked up. Why didn't they? Why?

It should be against the law the climb without one.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My backyard wintery wonderland

My new norwegian mittens bird feeder
Well, The Mr. and I snuck out last night and got about half the shopping done. YAY!
It's been hovering in the low 20's-below freezing for days now. Although it's beautiful, it's still not snowing. We are now hearing threats of my most dreaded weather-Freezing rain. I'm thinking just what I need, A ton of stuff to do and end up getting stranded at home. I wish it would just snow.

I'm thinking to warm up I should bake another Carrot cake, The baby sister requested one after having to salivate over the last one with not even a taste. This year I think we might do doughnuts again after a hiatus of quite a few years.Yummmm. I wish the all the kids were going to be here. It just didn't work out this year.

I hope they know I miss them, and it won't be the same without them. But I'll still enjoy what we have and light a candle for each one not here. Maybe they'll feel my warmth.

I just got thru putting up the baby shoe tree, I makes me sentimental everytime.
It takes me back to the little toes I loved so much, I'm so glad I saved them.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas was never so fun ...

Through some of my surfing lately I have found it to be saddening and disheartening that parents feel the Magical fantasy of Santa should not be passed onto their own children.

The little girl inside of me is screaming ((((NO)))), and thinking how unfair to not give to your children something so great as the feeling that you want to stay awake all night just to get a glimpse of him, Or wanting to see Santa for just one little conversation just before Christmas because he was the only one that would understand and get you what you wanted (maybe), Or sitting down and writing a letter to the man in the red suit asking for something for yourself but also for the other kids too and actually mailing it. Or leaving your plate of cookies out for Santa and a few carrots also for the reindeers.
Getting up the next morning to only crumbs and an empty glass of milk thinking he surely liked his treat and your thinking finally you did something just for him (Beaming with Pride)
Then you couldn't wait to open presents.

Watching every Santa show to beckon the television and not missing one minute of Rudolph or Frosty, And afterward laying in your bed thinking Christmas is the best and off to sleep you'd go.

If you just once seen the pure glee in a childs eyes when he got up Christmas morning and seen the presents under the tree that weren't there the night before and seen the excitement of them running to get the others, you'd know just where I'm coming from. To me its a right of passage to be passed on and on.

Yes, I know this is about the day Jesus was born, And in no way would I even try to slight this meaning of the day. We always recognized the day with some meaningful way or another by doing something really nice for less fortunate, But most of the time we were the less fortunate, unfortunately. He I'm sure likes his birthday to be joyful too and what better way than to "Give of yourself".

For me as a child, Christmas was the most magical day of the year and Santa was a big part of it. Our family believed in Santa, As we got older we even perpetuated it in other children's hearts anyone who would listen, I would tell stories of Santa and see the little kids with their hands under their chins, just captivated by how this all works.
I still think that this is a part of childhood no child should be without. It made rich and warm memories and children soon enough find their own belief and face enough harsh realities. How fun to have just those few short years to play with them and recapture a little of your youth.

I remember the Christmas eves and all the lengths I'd go to just to keep mine believing, like letters from Santa in all curly letters, making mention of things the kids did good this year and also remarking on things like the cleaning of their rooms and how he'd like that to improve.

I remember the youngest, #2 son saying with a shocked look on his face "How'd he know about that?" All of that was priceless. Sometimes the putting together of the unassembled toys went on until early into the wee morning hours due to missing parts or just being rummy from no sleep missing and a step and all we could think of was how much they'd like it, then when they woke up it was magic and it was all worth it.

I always could get them to clean their rooms on the days before Christmas and if there was any whining I just said "Santa's watching to see who's Naughty and Who's nice" or "you better watch out and you better not cry" and off they'd run lickety split. Now that was leverage! It works for a good 3 weeks before Christmas.

I guess what I'm trying to tell you is I enjoyed Santa as much as my kids and if I had it to do again I'd do it the same way all over again. Without a Doubt.

To me there was no lie, I had Santa in my heart and shared the happiness for as long as it lasted, The same goes for the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

I still Believe in Santa...Even if it's only through the goodwill of others, afterall he's Magical.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Darn good thing she's Cute...

See the table leg, See Emmy peeking out from under the table? She's just gotten Scolded for a potty not on the potty pad. I need to keep reminding myself that she's still a pup. Lord grant me patience soon please.
But she's good most of the time~Darn good thing she's cute!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Made to order and all from scratch...

The Ultimate Carrot Cake

Godiva liquor triple chocolate Brownies, Snowballs, Andes Mint Cookies, and Layered bars
Well, I catered a party with the desserts and all turned out great, It was the annual "Bird Fest" that was Hosted By The Kelbers this year for The Deardorffs annual Christmas party. This party is different because everyone is given a frozen Pheasant or a Chukkar to cook in their own special way and it then is brought to the party for all to sample.

The Mr. and Don D. his hunting buddy go each year to bring home Pheasant and Chukkar for this special occasion. An early, early rise and out the door they go. Of course not before I pack all his things and bake his goodies for the trip. It's off to eastern Oregon where the birds are more plentiful and if you miss there's always more to be had. Now I won't go into some of the hunting stories that have come home here but they are doozies. But so much for the great white hunters, back to the topic.

Now, in the past I've done this cooking of the pheasant also, Mine was a pheasant in a creamy savory sauce with fresh peas, carrot slices and small cubed potatoes and little white wine in a crock pot. To serve this I made and baked puff pastry as bowls and ladled this into them at the party. It was good. But dessert was better.

Horse people tend to like home cooking and desserts because they are always in the barn and not in the kitchen cooking.
Now, this was years back. See at the same time I also brought dessert, I can't even remember what it was but it made a big impression. The following year we were assigned according to our last name whether we brought main dish, salad or appetizer, or dessert. My name from then on ended up on the dessert list.

I finished that now it's on to my Holiday baking...It's a never ending stream of good smells coming from my kitchen these days.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mike and Amy's 5th Annual The Hometown Holiday show with Craig Morgan

We had the best time at this event! The baby Sister, The Mr. and I all met up and sat together.
We started the evening off with a dinner from Baha Fresh, A Mexican style dinner with beans and rice with veggie or chicken burrito and chips. They offered beer, wine or soda, water or coffee for a reasonable price, I know that's unheard of anymore huh? The Abernathy center was a nice place to have this, the only thing missing was a table to eat on, that was a little challenging but doable.

OK, I howled and screamed like a school girl, But there was not enough noise coming from our section so maybe I thought I'd make up for it. My sister even said she swore she heard me yodel along with one song, Hmmmm...Meeee, Well Maybe.

To start the evening off there was Mike and Amy with the radio station KWJJ / 99.5 The WOLF (our Host and Hostess), Doing the intro's and some lite bantering back and forth. Mike's President Bush impression was remarkably good and even funnier to watch. They introduced the first of 4 sets of entertainment.

The Wilders We're there and quite enjoyable, Followed By the Tuba's and I think their name was Impromptubas, at least that's what I thought I heard. They played Christmas songs all by Tuba. It was an interesting concept and I'm sure they'll only get better with more practice. This was a group that practiced 2-5 minutes together before their first performance and walked out and played together...That's nuts. We gave it up for them giving it their best.

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Then we had the pleasure of listening to Zach Driscoll and Three Quarter time. You really should click their link and check out their Christmas song, They gave us permission to download it even and said Merry Christmas. These are some local guys, But, I'd never heard of them before last night. We really liked them!

And then Craig Morgan, I was close enough to be able to get these kind of pictures. He was a class act. He had this home spun all around good ol' country boy thing going. The girls we're cringing everytime he mention his wife and he did quite often, I heard one say there he goes again with that "W" word again. I know she was just kidding but he was one to write home about to Momma. He just seemed like a hell of a nice guy in person. Cute Smile. ;-)

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Extra picture in this web album.
We were so impressed by the fact that this was a small town concert for 450 people and the bands were pared down and relaxed but Craig Morgan and his band manager/Drummer/back up guitarist were able to deliver to a level that you felt no one was missing. They called it an acoustical concert. I personally was Wowed by his voice, Holy crap this man can sing. His personality was great, Witty, often humorous, and he involved the audience, more like captivated the audience.

We made a pact, the Mr. and I, when we we're leaving that we'll be getting tickets next year and doing the same thing. I wonder who Mike and Amy will get next year? It was like an intimate concert for a few compared to the thousands that you'd get a a regular concert. It Was awesome!

All that and it was for a good cause, The Oregon Food Bank.
The sponsors of this event deserve honorable mention again. The Artists themselves, The Abernethy Center, Baha Fresh, Furniture Outlet, BCT Telephone company and KWJJ 99.5 Thanks you guys for the great time! If I left someone out let me know I'll amend my post.
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PS. At Walmart and Target his CD's have bonus tracks on them.

A special note...The Mr. now has a new favorite and had been mistaken (I know, it's a rare thing) thinking some of his songs were sung by Kenny Chesney. Namely the Almost Home song and the What I like about Sunday song. Well, you know we'll be buying some CD's, Maybe He'll get some for Christmas. Now that He is not driving "Old true and blue" anymore and has mine, He has a really nice CD player and speakers and that could make his driving much more enjoyable.

WooHoo!....the Oregon food bank has almost 10,000 dollars more to work with the season! This is so Great, Thank's so much for doing what you do to contribute to helping others.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One of my favorite things

Tutti Dolci Line of
Flavored and Scented Lip Gloss
It's Yummy or was yummy. *Big Sigh*

The best lip gloss I ever used and Bath and Body Works has dropped it from their store shelves.
It's never sticky, it moisterizes well for fully kissable lips and it tastes good. What a mistake on their part. It was the reason I went to their store to begin with, also the reason I considered other purchases there. Bye, Bye B&BW's

I found some on Ebay new and unopened but how long till that's no longer available?
Why must people mess with a good thing? If someone else knows another retailer that carries it please send me a note.
I suppose next will be my favorite bra or even worse my favorite hairdresser. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 04, 2006

I did it, Tickets for 2 and a cd also

Today after my moan,complain,question and answer session with my Dr. (poor Guy) Did I ever mention how much I appreciate him listening to me and trying so hard to help me? Well, I'll tell you now, He's amazing! Thank you Tom, I totally appreciate you!
I need to bring you more home baked goodies just as tokens of appreciation.

Now on to the lighter subject, I showed up at the ticket drop spot and it was at my phone company, Which meant I could purchase my tickets at half price and before everyone else...Who knew, All I know is I should have bought a dang lottery ticket today.
It ends up being a lottery style ticket draw. Were all given a ticket after waiting in the freezing cold and brought into a warm room to participate in the raffle.
By this time I have made friends (the social butterfly that I am) with a couple of women that are totally disappointed that they can only buy 2 tickets if their number got drawn. I pulled them aside and told them I would stay and if my ticket got drawn for tickets I'd exchange tickets with them for a chance to win the door prizes.

Well my exchanged ticket ends up getting drawn 3 times in a row, which meant 6 people are going to this concert because I agreed to stay and help. Yay! Maybe they will do the same for someone else sometime.

So, finally it's looking as if I wasn't going to win a cd or door prize and my number gets called again. WooHoo! What are the Odds?
It must have been my good deed. My Angels were surely smiling upon me today.

And it's even Tim McGraw. :-D
So 15.00 for 2 tickets mine were 1/2 price, and all the proceeds from my ticket money is going to the Oregon food bank. Perfect I get to give and have a good time, A win,win situation and to top that off the Baby Sis still thinks I rock for getting her tickets last Friday.

Friday, December 01, 2006

It's the little tickets

Today I was voted "The best Big Sister" by the Baby Sis. For what you ask?
For these...

It was a chance to buy tickets for a hometown concert for only 450 people to see Craig Morgan and I stood in line, in the cold after walking two blocks waiting to buy tickets and mind you there was only 50 there and got the next to last 2 tickets there, Whew!
There was plenty of people that weren't very happy behind me but I wasn't one of them.
But why am I voted The best? Because I did this on the spur of the moment for the Baby Sis while she was at work and couldn't get away. Somedays are just yours and today was mine.

Now at the next ticket grab I'll try for 2 more for the Mr. and I. What would be the odds?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Blog-a-Versary month ...1 year old

As you probably have noticed I have not been the best blog keeper lately. Just so you know I've been reading your blogs but not tending mine. Sorry.

Well, back in October I missed writing a blog entry for my 100th post...I completely forgot to do it. So today being the last day of November I was running short of the month of my blog anniversary, So happy Blog-A-versary to me, And thank you Jeannie for getting me started writing! You probably regret it now huh?

I love my picture blog but I like writing also, Much to my own amazement. But I enjoy the friends that I've made and the funny topics we've shared and the history and mental help we've gave eachother the most.

I love that I'm able to entertain a few of my blog followers with a good chuckle from time to time also thanks for keeping up with me.

Well, the month has been a busy one with the Thanksgiving Turkey aroma just barely out of the air and the leftovers either canned or thrown away. BTW, I made an awesome homemade Turkey noodle soup this year. Homemade noodles and all, This was one of the things the kids looked forward to after turkey day was the soup with homemade noodles and homemade sweet white bread.
Our gathering was small and informal, Just comfortable, We missed some of our group but I hear tell they'll all be here next year. We'll surely celebrate that. The Mr.'s younger brother Carl and Michaelann came over from the East this year...that was fun for both of us, The Mr. played video games and spurred a mean competition on Madden football. Michaelann and I went window shopping at the new Bridgeport village mall, Everything was nice and expensive. Then we seen Santa Clause 3 the movie, I know it's a no brainer but it was a Christmas movie and I had someone to see it with. I think I missed #2 though, Maybe I'll rent it.

I wanted to go see Borat, I heard it was really funny. But still haven't found a movie buddy for that one.

Yesterday I was cleaning my spoon collection and got to thinking about things my mother told me about traditions in Norway the country she came from. She said it was customary for a young man to carve a set of spoons for the girl he'd like to marry.
The symbols that he carved into the spoons all had meaning...Things like a good provider was shown by the depth of the spoon or if there was a lock or key on it meant he would keep her safe from harm. While cleaning my spoons I realized how many my Mr. had given me over the years and thought to myself if he were a suitor in Norway I certainly would known he loved me. Just a different time and place is all, But it for a minute paralleled life back in those days.

There was also a custom that a father when a daughter came of age to marry would give her an empty knife sheath and send her out to find a suitor, sometimes the knife the suitor gave her was too small for the sheath and she spent a lot of time if she liked him trying to convince him that, It not the size of the blade it's how you use it. (Snickering)

Now I'm thinking I'm glad the Mr. made me a sword first, so I Don't have to go there.

Ok, so much for that...I'd better get on with some more things I've been putting off.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Groomed Matriarch

With the Thanksgiving Holiday only a mere 6 days away I seem to feel the anticipation of the family looking forward to another Turkey dinner in honor of all we are thankful for.
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I years past we wrote on either pieces of paper or little cards before dinner and read them or had one read all of them to us after dinner.
One of the most touching ones I can remember was one from our Uncle Glen.
 Posted by Picasa
He wrote about how thankful he was for having a wife that supported him thru Lung cancer and who has always been the love of his life and then at the end he writes and I'm thankful for Connie(His Wife) and Linda's good cooking and all of Ya'll.

He's from Arkansas and has always been a wonderful addition to our family gathering, He's both humorous and witty at the same time. I hope they can make it again this year.

We have the Mr.'s brother Carl and his Wife Michaelann coming also, They are fun to have around and visit with. I'm looking forward to this.

Now to breach a different subject, A Matriarch, A usually (Elderly)? woman that has the wherewithal to know the goings on in a family. Usually has a strong pull and rank and authority. Also known as grandam (or grandame); headmistress, mistress; ma, mama, mammy, mom, momma or family glue.

I don't know if this duty was bestowed upon me or if it was self assumed, My feelings are that I took it with the blessing that my mother passed down to me after she was no longer able to prepare the full meal.

I miss the days when my mother prepared the meal, But to tell you the truth I think my turkey is better. To her credit, I learned at the age of 9 to stuff a turkey and prepare a dinner fit for family. My mother loved to cook but her back was always in terrible pain. Which meant standing and bending and lifting were sometimes impossible for her to do.

I think at the age of 9 she began grooming me for the job. She always commented on how I had soft feelings and lots of understanding for someone of my youth. I then wanted to be the person she saw in me. Baby Sis was only 1 then and quite the handful. I learned to be a mother then when my mother couldn't get out of bed to do the mothering, cooking and cleaning. I remember coming home from school to help mom get the baby cleaned up after her doing what she could during the day. My mom was no slacker either she would push herself till she could no longer do it anymore.

I then assumed laundry and chores that a household of 5 would require, Meaning no outside free time to play with friends. My siblings were my social life.

When I reached maturity as if I wasn't already mature at the young age of 9-10, I took on way more of the holiday cooking and mom still overseeing the secrets, the measurements and ingredients, I think her Matriarch was born...Never fully taking the position till her passing in 1991.
I enjoy this and it can be a heavy weight to some degree, But I look at it as an honorable position. Besides that The daughter said she'll not do it till I have Alzheimer's and can't remember what my food tastes like.
Hmmmm, times sure are different and Thankfully so sometimes...
Whom will I pass this all onto?
It seems nobody wants the responsibility.

I will miss my boys and their wifes and girlfriends this year, I know they'll miss Mom's cooking too. I miss their presence and love.

A Case of too many Email Addresses

Today I logged onto Yahoo and was prompted to check the email...Wow I had tons of Email and only knew 1 person on the list. I forgot I had an email there. Luckily for me it was someone dear to me and a truly welcome surprise. She sent me this note last November telling me her email had changed and had sent me notes thru the year and some forwards with the last being in Sept. of this year. I hope she didn't give up on me.

I wrote her today explaining the missed emails and expressing my joy to know something hadn't happened to her. I hope to stay in contact for a good long time.

...***Remember to check old email addresses***...Just a note to self.

UPDATE...She was fine and doing good and was as equally glad to here from me. I miss being a part of her life. She was one of the best parts of a past relationship, Once family always family.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006