Sunday, January 22, 2006

The 2005 Silver Circuit Awards and Banquet

We, the Mr. and I went to an Awards dinner for our Saddlebred Association last night. We had been invited in years past but it always seemed we had something else going at the same time, As the Mr. says jokingly "It's hard to be so popular," Its an inside joke with his hunting partner who was at this dinner also. (He's too busy to go on the hunting trips)

Now, for some reason or another its very hard for us to be on time for these kinds of things...It's either me or him that makes us late, Me with bad hair times and or an overload of other things to take care of first or him not giving himself enough time to get ready for the event. But this time we were only a half hour late and really didn't miss too much.

We were supposed to be there so our items for the silent auction could be placed on the table and people would have enough time to bid on them. We got there and a lady named Anne Byers seen the Mr. packing in his Hand crafted Chrome tack and Bridle hooks and a big grin came across her face and in a second she had them in her mitts but not without a slight bit of resistance from the Mr., It was a playful tug of war and she got her way.

These were created for our own custom show decorations and every detail was taken to make them as special as we could, Right down to the CZ's mounted in the front facing hoof of the chrome horse. I can tell you I actually heard people Oohing and Ahhing over them right after they were numbered and placed on the table.

I think the Mr. was only half ready to donate these to the cause, He thinks of his projects almost like kids, Each thing he makes is a piece of art and needs to have time to feel and study for improvements or just to admire a job well done .
He seemed to have some fondness for these though because he held onto them since 1997.

I did have something to do with the creation of these though, It was in the drawing up of the design and scaling it to size and getting all the plans made to go to the laser cutters and of course, I was as always "quality control" and I'm hard on him too. Miss Fuss Budget, I believe I've heard before, in a fit of do-overs.

(Click picture for enlarged view)

Back to the Banquet...Now the horses are place with all the other nice auction items, Things like a Magnum of Covey Run Merlot, Gift baskets, Gift Certificates, pieces of art, Framed paintings, and a lot of other items well worth bidding on in the silent auction.

There were items that got auctioned off during the awards show also and on that Que I thought an item deserved an honorable mention it was this cobalt blue and crystal polish vase hand cut with a Saddlebred horse carved into one side of it. It was spectacular and I barely could hold myself back from bidding on it. But the piece was quick to increase in price and with good cause it was beautiful! Whew, I was glad that was over when it was.
All the proceeds go to the Northwest Saddlebred Association so we can continue to provide quality shows and perpetuate the history of the breed.

We finally found a place to sit and it was with some of our customers and friends, The Blacklaws, Barry and Denise. It was nice and comfortable. They (the Awards Speaker) tossed a quarter to see which side of the room got to got to the buffet line first and yeah! it was us...There was nice salads and fruit plates first, then the sauteed' green beans with sliced almonds, Now comes the stuffed Chicken breast with I don't know what, but it was good.
I was praying that it wasn't anything shellfish
There was a poached Salmon, It was good but a little to mushy, just a little over cooked for my palate. I think I could have improved that one. And finally these most delicious Scalloped potatoes, they were full of cheesy goodness. Yummmmmmmm! Also a prime rib was being served, Hand sliced to order with horseradish and au jus. Everything was great.

Now on the way to put our horse on display you walk right past another table filled with all these sumptuous deserts, 23 to be exact, all to be auctioned in silence like the other items...all you have to do is write down your given auction number and an amount and the highest bidder gets the dessert of his choice. So the Blacklaws decided to bid on a dessert for our table, And I heard that Denise liked anything but Chocolate, My heart sunk...No Chocolate...I seen this incredible chocolate cake that was a good 4-5 inches high and it was calling my name.

Well, the auction for the desserts went along as planned and a raspberry drizzled cheesecake made it to our table, I really wasn't ready to waste my dessert calories on this I can tell you now, Not when chocolate was already being salivated over in my mind and this just wouldn't do. Luckily the table next to us got the infamous cake I had wanted and offered to share. It was yummy goodness, just as I thought, not to sweet and in the lines of dark chocolate but a tad sweeter.

Meanwhile, The silent auction was underway and the chrome horses were getting some serious attention, Before the night was over they reached a high of $500.00 each. I was absolutely thrilled to see the Mr.s work bring such a handsome reward, And I'm so proud to see that they were appreciated and admired in the same way that I seen them. WooHoo! They ended up the high ticket item on the table.

How fun was that! Thank you to the bidders and the winners you made our night. I knew he was talented and you can see the quality in his work, I'm so proud!

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D.T. said...

Sounds like you had quite a night! Too bad you cant taste desserts over the internet, cuz that chocolate cake and drizzled cheesecake sound like heaven, right now!