Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 Rain, Ducks, Slides and More Rain

The New Year brought about cabin fever and a curiosity of the on going flooding here in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon.

I talked the Mr. Into being my chauffeur for a couple of hours, (I mean all Day)(hehe) and so we went investigating.

**This is who gets to enjoy the flooding...The ducks and Geese, Everyone brings food to feed them in exchange for the view.**

He is a natural disaster freak, Not that he wishes it to happen, but is very interested in the after affects. It lures him.

But first to the Home Depot to spend his gift card...A new drill press was the ticket of the day, Now the Mr. Was surely happy and ready to appease me.
Nice thinking huh!
I teach by example.

First to the infamous area on the Willamette river near the Hwy. 205 bridge and Oregon City, The Clackamette park, Home of the annual "River Fest" and where the Willamette River and the Clackamas River merge.
The flood of 1996 comes back to memory seeing these images only as my lil' sis says "it hasn't reached the Toities yet"...Meaning the the public restrooms, A staging ground for the officially flooding in her eyes. But in mine, It's fricken flooded! The trees in the water are part of the park under river water.

Can you see the full sized tree pushed up against the bridge, This is a common occurrence when this happens. This is where people get into trouble, the hidden debris in the river.

This area will flood second, only to be shown up by the Pudding River near Aurora, Or. And by the way it looks just as it sounds...Murky and muddy most of the year...Go figure.

This is a slide caused by all the rain just out of Oregon City on our way to the Clackamas River.
Shhhh... We were in an area that we weren't supposed to be.

But you see who is leading me astray right?

It didn't look like much till you were upon it, but then you could see how much had already been cleaned up. It still looks pretty unstable to me.

This is the Clackamas River near Estacada, Oregon It's pretty darn full too, It's very pretty up in this area lots of waterfalls especially now, But mostly just peaceful.

Now to make you a little envious...

Sorry...If it makes you feel better the fish weren't biting but the boat ride looked fun...And no it wasn't the Mr. and I out there, So we were jealous first. This was a place called Lake Harriet on the Clackamas River, We found it by chance because of a road detour, probably because of slides.

Now we did try to make it to Timothy Lake but darkness was setting in and we had no provisions in case we got stuck other than my glucose tablets (Yuck!) and a bottle of water and we were in completely unfamiliar territory. So we headed home, But stopping and taking as many pictures as I could along the way. I love being a tourist in my own little world,
Just think how good I'd be on a sunny beach somewhere.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now where's the tanning bed I need the Sun.

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Pirate said...

these are great shots. Do you think we'll get another flood this year?

So you have figured me out. I think your last comment is as close as anyone has gotten. Wanna help me save the world?

Jeannie said...

Hey Sweeti - yup I'm jealous but I'll be on a sunny beach in another week. Ahhhh. We live near the Grand River here. It hasn't had a major flooding for as long as I've been aware which probably means there was some nasty stuff just last year. Sometimes I wonder if our house is on the flood plain - we are way off for an ordinary flood but if there was a big one - I just don't know. Happy New Year toots.