Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Family Weekend Retreat

I spent most of last Thursday readying myself for a weekend at the beach, As usual I over pack and take way too much with me, But hey. I'm prepared for almost anything. Our last trip to the beach was last September-Way to long between trips when you live only 80 miles away. That's only 3 I love Lucy's and your there.

Rain or no rain we were going. It did end up raining and hailing for the most part but as you'll see in the following pictures it also provided us with some sunbreaks too!

We went to Manzanita Beach on the Oregon Coast just south of the Famous and picturesque beach and shopping Mecca Cannon Beach,

I would have loved to go there but I knew I'd better not. I did however get to do a little shopping in Manzanita.

A couple antique shops, and the way over priced grocery store. Note to self...Buy more groceries at home and avoid that store. Besides they were limited on their diet pop and carried no Diet Rite sodas but they carried 25+ full sugar sodas and 50+ beers and wines, However, no Delicato White zinfandel...What's up with that?

Now the beach house was provided to us by the Baby sis, She was able to get it by way of her boss at work. It was a really nice place and accommodated all of our needs just right.

We had many fun games of Apples to Apples and then the rest of them played poker and drank Crown Royale while I did what I wanted to do...Sleep. I don't know why but the ocean air always relaxes me.

Lil' sis made a nice seafood cocktail, and I drooled over it, I couldn't have it without having an Eppi-pen handy. I really miss Shrimp and Crab.

Now this weekend was a memorial party in memory of my Mom and we all know she would rather us go visit the coast and have good times in her memory than be all depressed in a grave yard somewhere,

15 years ago we poured her ashes into the ocean so we could feel close to her with every visit. I never feel sad there and always feel rejuvenated before leaving.
I need a beach house so I can be there any time I wanted!

This is the Manzanita shoreline looking north.

...And this is looking south from the view point just before dropping down into Manzanita

I had to take this one, It's Sunny...I'm an optimist overlooking the clouds. Hey after 25+ days of rain straight, a sun break looks like heaven and you make as much of it as you can.

Well, a big thanks to the baby Sis for her efforts in making it all happen and it was good to be with the family for enjoyable times always...

Thank you Al and Ester too!
We really appreciated the your home and its accommodations.

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