Monday, January 09, 2006

Oregon City Couple Desperately Needs Your Help

Kevin and Jennifer's Home sliding on the hillside, It has been deemed unsafe and the house is sliding on the foundation. The following pictures are of the surrounding area and of the damage, the thing you can't see is the young family's hearts who are at a loss as what to do next.

This is only the beginning...The News story
KATU 2 News - Portland, Oregon

Mudslide Ruins New Home Dreams of Engaged Couple
January 6, 2006

- Courtesy of a Red Cross press release
PORTLAND, Ore. – An engaged couple was looking forward to a new life together, as they were planning to get married in July in the backyard of the home they purchased last May.

Instead, they are facing a mudslide destroying their home, which is not covered by their insurance policy.

Jennifer Winemiller and Kevin Brown’s house is on a hillside on Newell Ridge Road in Oregon City.

When it started shifting, more than 20 neighbors rushed to help them move their belongings before further damaged occurred.

Jan and Larry Stennick, two Red Cross volunteers residing in Oregon City, provided them with immediate cash assistance for Jennifer, Kevin and their three children for food and lodging at a motel for a week.

“We would have never imagined that this would be how 2006 would begin for us, but we are so grateful to the Red Cross and our neighbors for their support,” said Jennifer Winemiller. “We are now looking ahead to find the resources and financial support so we can one day move back into our home.”

Although Jennifer and Kevin had homeowner’s insurance, they have now learned that their insurance policy does not cover damage from a mudslide.

So far, they have been unsuccessful in finding a policy that does include financial assistance from a mudslide.

Now, I personally have gone to this home and spoke with Jennifer's Father and they (Jennifer and Kevin) are just beside themselves not knowing where to turn. The Red cross has helped within their means but, That will not last much longer.

Later, I spoke with Jennifer herself, She truely needs all the help she can get. Like other couples trying to pull a life together they pool their resources.
This is a young family with kids 11, 6, and 4 years of age.

There is an account set up with

Washington Mutual Bank
in the name of Jennifer Winemiller of Oregon City, Oregon for anyone wanting to help with cash donations, It's easy just go to any Washington Mutual and ask to make a deposit into her account and they will help you.
What this does, It gives this family funds to try to get their life back after this catastrophe and keep them afloat till they can stand on their own feet again.

If you have other means of help that you can offer please contact me and I'll put you in contact with them.

So far Jennifer and Kevin have had to come up with $10,000 just to try and stabilize their home and that's $10,000 that this young family doesn't have to spare....All this and no guaranties that it will save it.
Now, They are looking at $40-60,000 dollars to fix this problem given that it does no further damage and they are able to keep the home from completely sliding off the hillside.

I walked around the grounds as much as I dared and took these pictures, I can tell you the earth under my feet felt just like walking on jello. It was so water logged. I even slipped and fell on my way back up the muddy slope, The situation is pretty dire at this point, Even neighbors are beginning to worry for their homes.

I have found in my 39+ years that people have helped me and my family thru times of low income, and no income, hardly no food, sometimes clothing needs. I am now able to give back because, people have gave to me and helped me stand tall once again, I now ask not for myself but for people that need the same good turn. (Please help me pay it forward)

I hope that I have pleaded for them well enough that you the reader would find it in your heart to either help them financially or at least link me to your blogs or pass this on so I can help them in the way that I'm able to.

If you have other means to help them please contact me and I'll pass on the Info. to Jennifer. Please Help me spread this Information and reach the people that could help.

Thank you in advance. Sweeti

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