Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY PLEASE...

Well, in this picture you can see the 205 Expressway bridge over the Willamette River and it keeps looking shorter and shorter. This river has gotten a lot deeper since I was here on New Years Day.

Ok, and for the benefit of those that have not been reading along with journal, My baby sis has told me that in her eyes its not a flood till the water reaches the and I quote "Toities" Meaning public restrooms.

Well, My darling sis it officially flooding. I was there yesterday and the water was meer feet from the toilets.

She explained to me why she thinks in this way and its because once it reaches that level it then begins to flood in another low lying area on the other side of McLaughlin Blvd. behind the Oregon City Shopping center.

Which is approx. almost the same level as lower parts of Oregon City such as Tonys Fish Market,

Tony's Fish Market
1316 Washington St
Oregon City, OR 97045-1649
(503) 656-7512
(Just a shameless plug)

Which by the way is the best place to buy seafood in our area. This is one of my secrets to fresh tasting seafood dishes.

Now back to the water issue...I did visit the Falls (Willamette Falls) in Oregon City again and Yup, they looked as though the falls was just a little baby rapid which in fact they are quite the drop in altitude on a normal basis. It's just amazing to me to see mother nature at work, I'm just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel now...
We need the sun.

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