Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Tagged Quandary...

I've been tagged by Jeannie. She was tagged by Marianimal and so on, So now I pass it on to you. I know some of you are not bloggers but you can still leave it on the comments.

Name 8 points in a (your) perfect partner
It's a tall list for me, my poor guy.

  1. Must be motivated, No procrastinators, Druggies, or Alcoholics... Life's to short.
  2. Good Communicator and listener and lover and encourager. Must be able to write good love letters.
  3. A loyal man who will stand & walk beside me, consider me his better half, stick up for me and have good enough knowledge of me to know when I'm right or wrong and help me do the right thing.
  4. This should have been first but here goes...Cleanliness about his person & wears good smelling (to me) cologne, And actually incorporates this into daily plan without any prompting from me.
  5. Be all mine, Not in the relationship looking for an out or staying outside and thinking about being in.
  6. Active with me in the problem solving department, Working through problems instead of burying his head in the sand. Owning his mistakes and correcting them sooner than later.
  7. Ruggedness with an ability to refine and display an inner character that makes me proud.
  8. Taller than me in heels, Big Chest, Strong Arms, Trim hips, Good Butt and A Lotta Heart!

... I'll have to have the Mr. do this when he gets home to see if I'm meeting his expectations, I might not be able to put his on the blog though we'll see.

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Jeannie said...

cologne huh? Huggy always wears cologne! Even when we see a close friend who is terribly allergic to fragrance...what a guy.
funny when I read your's and Marianimals lists, I see stuff that I just take for granted...hmmm I think I might be a tad shallow and ungrateful. What a revelation!

Marianne said...

I don't think Jeannie is shallow at all. The only reason I mentioned the things I did is because I have kissed a lot of frogs and learned from them! Yuck!

But yes, our lists are quite similar, although yours Sweeti is a little more indepth.

I'm impressed! I hope you will stop by more often. We seem to think a like.