Monday, February 06, 2006

The Beauty of Memory Lapses...

Ok, Lately I've been watching old reruns of my formerly and still favorite shows. The one thing I'm gaining from these episodes is, I can't remember seeing some of them. How can that be?....

"You guys ought to see the way she works her nails across my back. Ooooo! She's a maestro. The criss-cross, the figure-eight, strummin' on the old banjo. And this wild savage free-for-all where anything can happen."
- Kramer, in "The Pie"

"I did something stupid."
"What'd you do?"
"Well, I was shaving, and I noticed an assymmetry in my chest hair. And I was trying to even it out. And the next thing I know... Gone!"
- Jerry and Kramer, in "The Muffin Tops"

Now, I can tell you that while Seinfeld was in the filming process I did not miss a single episode, It was the humor in my life then and I lived from week to week for Jerry and Elaine. However, I have come to the conclusion that the slightly aging memory cells do have their advantages, some episodes are like brand new....Who Knew...

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D.T. said...

I think it's because as TV fans, we dont remember the small trivial things...just the whole basic premise. You know? Cuz I totally get what you mean...the other day I was watching FRIENDS (which was and still is my show!), and Joey said, "She had the biggest adam's apple, I've ever seen" and I do not remember him ever saying that. Weird, huh?

Sweetilicious said...

It is weird huh, BTW, I like Friends too, but also SATC (Another one I lived for too), 6 Feet under, and possibly a few more humorous one too.

...and if I wait long enough to watch them, everything that is old will be new again, Woohoo!
I like your new pic. Is this your artistry?

Jeannie said...

Speaking of pics - how do I get mine there? I can be such a dummy.

I don't wax nostalgic over TV shows. I love a few when they're fresh and new. Hate reruns with a passion (unless it's an episode I missed). I find that with old shows - you just can't go home again. My problem is that I rarely know what the name of the shows are so I never know when or where they are. I can be such a dummy.