Saturday, February 11, 2006

Finally, the Hospital issue is taken care of and the surgery scheduled. My Sinus' have some relief in sight after a long time coming, My deviated septum will be straight once again and nighttime breathing thru my nose will be possible after the swelling and pressure is gone, WooHoo!

Now, This is the part I have no problem with, its him making an incision under my eyebrow to clean out upper sinus' that freaks me and the scare of looking in the mirror the first time to someone I will not recognize with horrific black eyes and swelling beyond belief.
{{{{EWWWW}}}} I can't even go there.
You know, I have every confidence in my young nice looking Dr. And I am so ready for this to be over But....I am getting so {{{{Nervous}}}}, I swear every added responsibility seems like a stack of bricks right now. Yet if I just sit and think of it I'd go out of my ever loving mind and dummy me I schedule a mammogram for Monday as if the week wouldn't be treacherous enough already.
What the Hell was I thinking?

I have so much to do before my state of know nothing for the next week and the real need to be completely organized is setting in, You know get everything done in advance that you can so you don't have to suffer thru it afterwards, Most men wouldn't understand...And mine is no exception, Oh, he'll take good care of me afterwards and feeds me well, But he does sometimes get feeling like it's too much and he finds work that needs to be done else where. I know it's hard to watch someone suffer that you care about.
I forgive him already...I know and except it.
I just hate laying around feeling pitiful and looking at things like vacuuming, dishes, and the laundry piling up and having all this to do when your better. It seems like I never catch up.
Oh I'll get thru it fine, I'm just with the nervous jitters and feeling the anxiety that goes with it.

Welcome to my little drama. I am not usually the Drama Queen but ...

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D.T. said...

My grandmother's had 2 "deviated septum" surgeries, and each time she came out, she looked healty and I'm sure you'll do just fine.

And as for the man that finds work elsewhere? Just let him be... Dont forget, us guys are totally oblivious to work, and we do need someone to dictate us from time to time.

Jeannie said...

I'm so sure that the surgery will be so worth all the worry. The organization part beforehand is hard enough without being all scattered thinking about it tho. Should ask the surgeon to do a little nip and tuck while he's in the neighborhood...or better yet, get his good buddy the plastic surgeon to stand in for that part. And because I haven't a clue what to say - Hallmark just hasn't come thru for us - Happy Mammogram Day. I have yet to have one and may put it off forever - the thought of having my boobs squished just sounds like some sicko man's wet dream.