Friday, February 24, 2006

Here's to s*** eating grins...

I remember preaching to my mom just before I took this picture that "It really doesn't matter that you don't look perfect for the picture" "what really matters is that the picture is taken"

Now, with that being said...This was the last picture taken of my mom 2/24/90 she was 58 years old and had just finished radiation therapy for lung and brain cancer.

She was feeling OK here but her head was still bald (but looked great in her wig) and her face still puffy from the steroids. I painstakingly put her make-up on her and fixed her hair just how she liked it, Something I did for her growing up to improve her self esteem and make her feel good.

This was her 58th Birthday and as part of being the smart ass Norwegian that she could be from time to time, She shot me this hurry up and get it over with grin and it ended with a "Are you done yet?" from her, and I said Yes mom.

That was the last picture of her. Today would have been her 73rd birthday.

This message is to my family, Although we all have our addictions I refuse to let another family member go down the same way without someone saying...STOP SMOKING as soon as you can...Please.

...And to everyone else the next time someone wants to take your picture for the family albums don't say no and hide, it could be the last one ever taken and memories like these depend on it. I cherish this picture.

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Marianne said...

thanks for sharing sweetie. May her memory be eternal.