Friday, February 24, 2006

My baby sis...

OK, Since I got out of the Hospital I have been improving but the sick to my stomach thing continues. I now think that it is the antibiotic they have me on, Only because thru the day I feel better and better, Then its time to take it and Bam there it is again about 1.5 hours later. I'm trying to stick it out and only have 3 days left but everyday it gets harder to choke it down.
I had a post-op appt. yesterday and found out that from the cat scan before my surgery showed some areas that were pretty bad. Now when he went in some of the bad areas were better but the good areas were worst...Go figure.

Meanwhile the Baby sis is dealing with some similar problems only I believe she is suffering from excess tissue in her respiratory paths causing horrible snoring and a lot of rescue breathing thru out the night. She's doing the fight to get her health in order thing now too. Only she's dealing with Kaiser Permanente which is just better than no insurance. They make you jump thru so many hoops to be able to get something taken care of, I have no idea how anyone ever gets well on that plan.

Oh, and the phone wait times is so irritating I have waited on the phone for a live person an hour and a half personally. Is this really necessary people?
I try to entertain myself by thinking what could be possibly taking so much time and a vision comes to mind of a group of office people drawing straws to see who gets my call and there is more straws than people so I wait for someone to draw my straw. It could be...But mostly I know that it is just a poor managed costly system that's undermanned and overbuilt.

Anyway, The baby sis is filing complaints and seeking advocacy due to the one Dr. saying one thing and another saying something else. Whatever happened to DR's conferring with each other and making something happen or just being on the same page, Instead of playing what seems so frustrating to a patient the bounce back and forth with conflicting opinions thing?

Now, its not like they don't have each others numbers, They are in the same managed care network via computer even...Send an email, Do something. How hard could it be to communicate?

Now the baby sis is worried she is pissing off her Dr. and then has to go under the knife with him, Yeah, It's a scary thought. Posted by Picasa

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bill said...

My gosh. I don't know you, but I sure hope that things improve for you. That's pretty scary stuff. Good luck !