Wednesday, February 15, 2006

...My Funny Valentine Rocks

The Mr. and I set out on Valentines Evening to the Car-Toys store and his gift to me was new speakers for my truck...WooHoo!

The previous owner of this vehicle had blown the speakers, and I being the patient one had waited for years for new speakers and it was painfully obvious I wasn't buying them myself. I could find twenty things that required the same amount of funds to spend it on, Only not get near the amount of enjoyment from it.

The chosen ones were my choice and it ended up being Infinity brand all the way around, 2-6x8's and 2-6 1/2's. They sounded the best to me.

Now, I could have subconsciously planted this seed and without realizing it I swear! ...I got the Mr. a Pioneer Surround sound system and installed it myself...Oh, and I'm handy that way...Now his game players, Dvd, everything goes thru with brilliant clarity and every thunderous sound that you could possibly want is there in my living room.
The cannons on "Pirates of the Caribbean"...You feel it.
This was big for the Mr., he loves it.

Now, knowing that he now knows what good speakers should sound like and hence, this is where I draw my analogy. Might I have made the suggestion?

Anyway, Back to last evening....We choose the speakers and then walked a bout 1.5 blocks to the Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop for Coffee and Doughnuts...
...And the light on the fresh sign was ON, They were warm slightly crispy with and sensual vanilla scent and sweet goodness, that absolutely melted like butter in your mouth, Yummmmmm.

We enjoyed our conversation and ate doughnuts, It was fun.

I swear there is something in them that makes you reach for another and another. It's addicting!

Now I didn't eat all of these myself, But I did go till I felt I'd better stop to prevent getting sick.
I am so thankful that Krispy Kremes are out of my way most of the time, I will allow myself to indulge only when in the area for obvious reasons.

So Happily it was sweets for the sweet and also for the Car-Toys Guys...By the way they love the doughnuts too, And were pretty stoked to see a box coming their way.

The music in my life is good, Thanks guys!

Now onto this morning, I awoke to the Mr. expressing he was getting a cold of some kind, This freaks me out just a little especially with surgery pending for Friday.

he was complaining about the thingy that hangs down in the back of your throat, you know the flapper thingy...then sneezing and crankiness set in.
Oh no....Pray for me not to get this please, I am the type that will care for him and then get the same thing myself....and pray for him too, He's my care taker after my surgery and I need him to feel better soon.

I hope you all had a nice V-day or ME-Day, Sweeti

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Jeannie said...

Nice gifts! We do not bother. With Huggy buying unnecessary things all the time, I discourage him from purchasing at times like this. I know that goes against your feelings for the day but it works for me. He's far too generous. I tend not to buy him gifts because, again, he buys unnecessary things all the time and there's nothing left to buy him. I'm really not a romantic and it sucks for him.

Marianne said...

So you are having surgery today. (Friday) You are in my thoughts. Hope all is well.