Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Spa day

Raleigh dog and I went to try out a new place today, I have found that bending over makes my head pound. So in order to get him his spa treatment and get his funky smell out of my house, we headed off to a self service dog wash.

I went in to check it out first...Was it clean? How many dogs were here and how friendly were they. It all checked out, So I bring in the Mr.s Dog and proceed to bathe him. It was a pretty neat experience really they provided everything including towels, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and blow dryer table.

The bath stall was tall enough that it was minimal bending over on my part, Bonus, and he seemed to enjoy having to put up with me knowing he wasn't alone in his treatment.

I enjoyed the fact that all that mess was there and all the hair was not all over my bath room floor.

You know the double clean thing, first the dog and then the bathroom.
I only wish I'd thought of this first, a person could make good money doing this.

Only 14 bucks that's it!

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Jeannie said...

gee Sweeti - move up here then and get one going cuz I know we haven't got anything of the sort. I think it might work...is there a hair cutting station too? That's the part I'd love. I do a crappy job on my dog but I leave him with hair - they end up shaving him at the groomers and then he pees on everything cuz he's cold.

Sweetilicious said...

They did have a hair cut station too, And even provided the sharp clippers and scissors.
...and you know I took twice as long as some people and it made no whoopie. I definately will be going back.