Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today was a good day all in all, But I'm having some problems med.(nausea) wise, and soreness seems to be increasing. Simple things like yawning hurts in the roof of my mouth. I had an earache for a while today too, I am developing two shiners they are ever so slight right now but as soon as some of the internal swelling goes down I'm almost positive they'll be more prominent. But just knowing I'm on the road to some kind of recovery makes it all worth it.

This experience I would have not wished on my worst enemy, for 2 years and counting, treating sinus infection after sinus infection, Everything irritated me...Exhaust, dust, cigarette smoke, floral perfumes and the worst was field burning or yard debris burning. I pray that this will give me some relief from this misery and all those sinus pressure headaches.

My DR. said there was most definitely infection in there and Oh I knew he'd find it if I could persuade him to just go in and look. This was the second E.N.T. Dr. I have been to.The first said oh there's nothing wrong with you and sent me packing. I went home and just cried, How could it be that I could suffer this and the Drs. can't see anything? Sometimes the pressure pain was more than I could bear.

It was only once I got my regular Dr. to listen to me and I persuaded him to help me find a way to get rid of the horrid headaches and staying so diligently on this coarse that I found relief.

I know that Drs. aren't always miracle workers and they don't always have the answers but when you finally get to the one that listens to you things start to add up. This is where I'm at now, I am looking for the answers to my health issues as I'm determined to get answers.

I have to say thanks to the ones that got me to this point. Even if it was just an antibiotic or a pain killer, I was given a reprieve to go on and fight another day, I've learned way more about myself than I really wanted to know. But know when someone tells me something like "Oh there's nothing wrong with you" I get pissed and take a stand!

...and get a cat scan.

So Dr. Leedy thank you so much!!!!!,Dr. Tom Stewart , Thanks again helping me not to give up. Dr. Kelber You were there in the mix too. I appreciate being listened to and taken seriously.

Now I'll do my best to get better, If you feel compelled to send flowers don't - just send Chocolate :) it always makes me feel better!

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D.T. said...

Dont eat chocolates! LOL...if you're gonna be in bed for the next few days, you may as well eat ice cream...it's smooth, cold, and in some strange way, you lose weight. At least I know I did, when I had a tonsilectomy and ice cream was all I ate.

Marianne said...

You sound chipper sweetie. Glad it went so well.

AprilMaranda said...

:( Get well soon! Sending long distance hugs!

Jeannie said...

Hope you're feeling better than ever soon! Thank heavens there really are some excellent doctors out there. Just gotta wonder why some get into it at all if they don't really care about people.