Monday, February 27, 2006

Well now I've gone and done it!

Today My Co-author had to go to the Vets office for a cyst on his front leg and had me worried. I brought in the carrier and he knew from that point on that I had some ideals on him that would not be fun.

So what does he do? He hides and closes his eyes like if he can't see you, You can't see him, and he thinks I don't know where to find him...
I load him up and think the vets going to just shit he's getting so heavy, But no the vet says that's one healthy cat.
Now the vet pisses him off right off the bat with a thermometer up the butt, Hmmmm no temp.99* that's normal. Looks in his ears, then his teeth and gums, Hmmmm everything looks good. Lets just watch the little cyst for now he says.
Oh, but I couldn't leave well enough alone, I say "let's vaccinate him and get him up to speed and worm him while your at it". My co-author looks at me like I betrayed him...I swear he knew just what I was saying.

You know the funny thing was all the way there all he wanted was out of that kennel, Yowling loudly and with a low gruff voice all the way there (can I say it was un-nerving at best). But when the vet was done with him all he wanted was back in his kennel and yowled until he got there. He's always been like that though, It seems neither side of the front door is the right side either.

All the way home he put his butt to me and would respond to my voice no matter how sweetly I spoke to him. I haven't seen him since and I know he's pissed at me, I'm not feeling the love. I even bribed him with wet cat food, Fancy feast even to no avail.

You know what I'm thinking ... He's gonna get even with me and you know when it will be? Between 3:30 and 5:30 in the morning when he wants out and I'm sleeping like a baby.

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Pirate said...

oh yeah, I would sleep in a locked room with the lights on for awhile.

Jeannie said...

Can't say I know what cats are like - the dog is a total wimp at the vets altho he's always thrilled when he gets to go somewhere and has a great time sniffing around the waiting room. He's never held a grudge either. I'm not sure he's the smartest dog who ever lived.

Marianne said...

Just this week I clipped Senorita's nails. She is only 3.5 lbs. so I had to have Shark hold her while I clipped her because if I use too much force holding her, I could break her leg very easily. So she screamed and yiped and snapped until I was done.

And then Shark put her over his shoulder and cuddled her as he walked away from me. And I swear, that tiny little head was poking over his 6'3 shoulder and looking at me with this "Go Straight to Doggie Hell" look on her face.