Friday, March 31, 2006

Off to sunny California

I looked at the forecast for my destination, and I get one day of sunny weather and the rest will be rain. I'll take lots of pictures. See the house in the vineyard, that would be my destination. I can't wait! Hey and I can fly again...Woohoo. Hopefully my ears won't plug up anymore.
Be back soon!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sweeti does that really belong in the kitchen?

Recently I had a visit from one of my very favorite cousins. She is sweet, caring,loving, and like a sister to me. She always comes in and has such an enquiring mind. She has a great sense of humor too, I forgot to add that.
She comes in with the little whirlwind she calls her family and barely has a moment to herself, But we manage somehow to sneek in a little's never long enough and when she leaves it's like my best friend going home :(

Now while she was here she managed to wander the kitchen area a little to see what was new, I am a gadget woman and I don't deny it at all. She walks over to my kitchen sink and is doing something for one of the kids and finishes her task, She then proceeds to ask me "What is this thing and What is it doing in your kitchen?"

I'm thinking what could she be talking about? I wouldn't have things in the kitchen that belonged in other rooms. The way she said it sounded like I left something unmentionable laying on the my counter. I jump to my feet and go over and check it out, And at that point start to laugh to myself. She said this is the second place I've seen these and they look a little suggestive.

Today I was thinking of her and missing her so I used my little suggestive item to make my cookies.
See it's a Pineapple #6 cookie press and it presses out these lovely little cookies that you can nibble. They are thin and crisp with the yummiest vanilla aroma and crispy sugar crust. The chocolate ones have been dipped in dry hot chocolate mix instead of sugar and then pressed. They have the taste of creamy hot chocolate and smell incredible also. These are great alone or with Ice Cream in the middle to form an Ice cream sandwich.

....You make me smile I miss you Kristi :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Inspirational Wednesday

I thought about this for a few days and I have a couple topics to voice my appreciation of inspiration on.

There's the Mr., no matter how I worry about things he always finds a way to distract me from my thoughts and relieve me of the burden if he can. Even if it's only momentarily.

He inspires me in so many ways...first he's a go getter, I love that about him. He pushes me to do things I don't think I'd have the courage to do on my own. He comes up with projects that make me search for ways to complete to keep him from being frustrated, which in turn sounds like a pain in the butt...But it's not, I just have to learn a new trade is all.
So he inspires me to never quit learning. I love him.

The other would be, my Doctor, Dr. Leedy...He renews my inspiration to go on by relieving me of my awful sinus headaches. Without the conscientious actions on his part I would still be wondering if all this is really worth going on. I must admit I was becoming wore down and tired.
Now I'm inspired by the lovely smells both good and bad, And it's amazing how good foods tastes! So my cooking is probably going to improve too! It's absolutely rejuvenating.
Thank you to both of you guys!

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Seven, Or Eight songs...

Pirates Tag...I am listing seven or more songs I will automatically sing along with no matter where they are played... and the kids would humor me because they had too! I'm the mommy and that's why! I know I caught them singing too.

  1. Ub40- Red, Red, Wine
  2. Billy Paul-Me and Mrs. Jones
  3. Rufus-Tell me something good
  4. Moe Bandy-Hey moe/Hey Joe
  5. Merle Haggard-Twinkle,Twinkle lucky star.
  6. Eric Clapton-Wonderful tonight, Layla, Knocking on heavens door.
  7. Cat Stevens-Morning has broken, Moonshadow.
  8. Jack Johnson-Cocoon, Banana pancakes, Times like these.

Now the other equally important favorite list.

  1. Roger Miller-Chug-a-lug*
  2. " " -Dang me
  3. " " -King of the road*
  4. " " -Do wacka do
  5. " " -Walking in the sunshine*
  6. " " -Engine, Engine #9
  7. " " -England Swings
  8. Louis Armstrong-What a wonderful world*
  9. Arron Neville-Amazing Grace, Because It makes me cry to sing it.
  10. Etta James-At last

And keep me away from Diana Ross and Motown there's far too many there.

Passing on the... if you want to do it, do it. If not don't, tag.

Happy Birthday Monicaaaaaaaaa.....

Well, The days have been boring but ultimately peaceful. The Mr. calls with a good regularity and reports or the day to day happenings and things he did that day. He must miss me too :).

He calls this morning and I say as usual "How was your night?" He then proceeds to tell me of the room of people in the next room that arrived at around 12:30 am, OK, now I'm expecting to hear the thing that happens at most know the "No Tell Motel" thing. But no,...this was not it...just a room full of partiers talking over each other until they passed out at approx. 2:30 am. The walls are evidently pretty thin there because he could hear every word loud and clear. Even mentioning that one guy had a what sounded like a tongue ring about the size of a marble...Now that was probably booze but you get my drift right?

Anyway they drank and they sang while the Mr. lay in his slightly uncomfortable bed trying to sleep because he has a long day of physical work to do when he gets up. Lying there frustrated unable to sleep plotting revenge I'm sure! He calls the desk and asks politely to make it stop I've got to work in the morning. I guess nothing worked, But he eventually fell back to sleep as the party wound down.

Now here's the good part....promptly at 6:30 in the morning after his morning coffee and breakfast on the way back to the room he stops by the offending parties door and proceeds to serenade them with a hidious version on the top of his lungs for all the hotel to hear, "the most awful rendition that he can muster of "the 'ol gray mare ain't what she used to be" and repeated it several times from what he said.

Then after no response again in the same awful rendition and severely exaggerated he lets out a "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear MONICAAAAAAAA happy birthday to you. Now if you know him, This is not him on a normal basis and he'd have to been plotting this in his sleep to actually do this. He was secretly trying to get someone to open the door and give him an excuse to jump down their throat I'm sure. Sure sign of Hotel rage.

But no deal thank goodness...Oh, the lowly life of a shoer. I know if they were hearing him, which I'm sure they were they were hiding thinking there's some friggin nut outside our door singing badly and I'm not opening the door!

What a wonderful character he's developing in his ventures on his own, He would never have done that if I were there thankfully, but I might have gotten pissed enough to embarrass him. Women usually are worst about no sleep.

Well I'd better get started on the long list of to do's and look like I've done something while he was gone, As if there was a question of that.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pirate this bud's for you.

I missed the first "Inspirational Wednesday's" due to the American Idol last night. Which I called 2 out of 3 in the low 3's and even predicted it would be Kevin. Kevin would be good in childrens movies as the singer behind the characters.
Now on the Pirate's suggestion...

That we have an "Inspirational Wednesday's" and now with an excerpt from his blog,

There are many ways to inspire. There are billions of people to be inspired. As I mentioned in an earlier post that inspiration is a gift that keeps giving. Every time you inspire another their outlook on life improves, your outlook improves and anyone aware of the inspiration has a positive affect on their lives as well.
I think it's great, and the possibilities are endless. So with that said thank's for the inspiration Pirate! May we all find something or someone inspirational to write about. Sweeti

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spa treatments at home

This is just what I need...Can it get any better? Well, Maybe with help but I won't go there.

Chocolate Body Scrub
This is a quick and easy body scrub for the ulitmate chocoholic!
From the Chocolate Bar cookbook
1/2 cup raw sugar, no substitutions
1/3 cup cocoa
2 tablespoons olive oil
Mix ingredients together thoroughly in a glass or plastic bowl.
Apply the mixture to moistened skin in the shower and scrub with a facecloth or net scrubby.
Rinse thoroughly.

1 body treatment

Pineapple flip for your face
when your done with that try 1/2 cup fresh pineapple pureed in the processor apply to your face and relax for a few minutes and rinse off, Did you know that pineapple contains enzymes to help remove dead skin cells?

Honey oat scrub

Now try pure honey and ground oats for a mild facial scrub. A little more honey than oats of course to be spreadable.

You might as well apply some grapeseed oil to your hair and wrap a warm towel around it for a while too for the full effect and have one of these and relax.

The pineapple Daquiri

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

..just a neighborly visit to say hi from the rooster across the street, actually two of them visit nearly every day.

My days lately have been just crazy! First the Mr. gets another job in the San Francisco area and were pretty happy for that! Nice conditions... ;)YaY!

Then yesterday I get into my pickup to go do the errands before the Mr. has to leave and push down the clutch pedal and it goes to the floor and sticks there, I think oh shit! WTH could this be? Thank heavens it was in my driveway and not somewhere else.

I think it's probably a slave master cylinder because we checked the brake fluid in the clutch reservoir and it was low, So we filled it and popped up the clutch pedal and pumped the clutch to see if it would come back up, meanwhile I look under my truck and low and behold there's a drip,drip,drip. So it's out of use for a while until the Mr. has time to deal with it. :(

Then this morning the Mr. was headed for his flight and loses his phone before ever leaving the house, So he takes my phone with him. Now if you have been following along with me you already know that he has this slightly imperfect tendency to lose or leave things in places.
I have spoke of thing in the past like travel coffee cups, clothing or jackets, and last but not least Phone chargers. It is a job in itself just keeping this man organized. I don't know what he'd do without me! Honestly!
So about 5 minutes after he leaves and mind you with my phone now because he has to have a phone...I go out with a flashlight and there laying on the ground is his phone. About now I'm realizing that my phone is in the same jeopardy as the one laying on the ground except his had a phone case on it to protect it from his drops and mine doesn't. This freaks me out a little and he knows it too, which if something's gonna happen to it, He will most likely be to blame and that makes it more probable in his eyes.

I wonder if he feels the same way because while he's gone I'll be driving his truck, which scares me, It's got like 400k miles on it, No kidding, he and this truck are inseparable and he speaks proudly of all the miles and considers it to be an accomplishment. He could do a friggen Ford commercial. I on the other hand worry about where it will finally take a rest if you catch my drift.
I guess you know I plan not to drive unless I have to. With all this drama in my life lately I need this reprieve...but it could be on a beach in the sun drinking umbrella drinks...Oh, and what I didn't tell you, Sunday night I picked up some malware somewhere and it erased my hard drive so I spent to the wee hours in the morning on Monday reloading everything to my PC. I lost quite a few pictures, that makes me sad. I need to remember to back up my work more often.

Now I just want to crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head and have some peace But that's not gonna happen, The Dog needs to go out and my Co-author is meowing for his food...and life goes on thankfully!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Moms gotta do what Moms gotta do....

Sorry Jer, I know you hate this but, I love you.

Ok, I'm proud so shoot not really...I just have to go with the positive for now and the #1 son is climbing that ladder to his successful career and I'm just ecstatic for him and his wife April.
She says:

In a few weeks Jer and one other person will be flown to San Francisco to learn about new equipment for his company. That means he will be the only one who will know how to run the hardware The other guy will be going to learn the software end..
Isn't it great when you get to see your kids make it and feel their joy, It's double-ly delicious, might I say better than Chocolate? That's hard to beat!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Tried and True Dinner for Two or Four

Well, tonight I sampled some new recipes to make sure they were right for guests that come to our home for dinner, I made all four recipes within 1.5 hours and actually it was a delicious dinner. All of them passed with flying colors in the smell, look, feel, and taste categories.

All four recipes were from Martha Stewart

This little goodie is called a Marsala Cheese Tart with Oranges
I can tell you it's flavor has just a hint of Marsala Wine and I added just a little bit more for flavor.

Next was the main dish and it was really good.
Almond Crusted Chicken
I have heard there is a lite orange sauce you can drizzle over this and that would be a nice addition to the chicken.

Now the side dish, All I can say is yummmmm, The Mr. thinks this dish needs to be a main dish at our house now. Do not leave the mint out. It is a really nice accent to this dish.
Orzo with Peas and Mint

And last of all was the salad this to was very appetizing to my palate. Romaine Salad with Prosciutto Crisps

I can personally recommend all of these dishes, I know it's hard to do all at once but it made a spectacular dinner and was just nicely filling and not to heavy. Enjoy!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tuesday night 8-10

You know for someone that doesn't fall into the Survivor trap I sure have fallen prey to the American Idol. I have some favorites that I hope make it.

  1. Taylor
  2. Bucky
  3. Ace
  4. Kellie
  5. Katharine

Now I think that Geodeon should have stayed and Elliot earned his ticket home last week, But I'm not in charge damn it!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

...Sure signs of spring

One sure sign of spring is when the Mr. comes in sporting his infamous first Daffodil declaring the season. It's always a surprise to my non-suspecting eye, I'm sure his mom misses this about him because I know its a well grained trait.
Hummmm, the meaning of the flower Daffodil is chivalry.
( Qualities of the ideal knight)
It is the simple things in life we must appreciate.

Foxglove (meaning insincerity)
Digitalis purpurea L.
Now this is a beautiful flower that most people try to kill here in the Northwest, Mostly because its allowed to be so prolific in our mild seasons. However, I can tell you that I do my part at letting this happen. Being careful not to spray or mow over the soley because I find them beautiful. They are known to be poisonous and this is the original derivative for Digitalis.

Habitat.—Originally introduced into this country from Europe as an ornamental garden plant, foxglove may now be found wild in a few localities in parts of Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia, having escaped from cultivation and assumed the character of a weed. It occurs along roads and fence rows, in small cleared places, and on the borders of timberland.

Description.—During the first year of its growth the foxglove produces only a dense rosette of leaves, but in the second season it produces a tall, leafy flowering stalk from 3 to 4 feet high. The leaves, which are from 4 to 12 inches long and about twice as wide, are wrinkled, downy, and show a thick network of prominent veins. In early summer the tall flower stalk produces numerous tubular, bell-shaped flowers which are about 2 inches long and which vary in color from white through lavender and purple.

....Just a few of my favorites this time of year.

Friday, March 10, 2006

...365 love letters

The Mr. and I watched this movie tonight, isn't it strange how these authors who write these stories seem to pluck certain parts of our lives out and use them to entertain us. All I can say is it feels like I've lived some of this, Laughed with it and cried like a baby.

Oh, and pirate the Mr. enjoyed the movie too.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey there's snow on Sweeti's Mountain

Well, so much for it's not going to be below 1000'. Here I am at 620' and its been snowing to beat the band. We got about 3 1/2" - 4" overnite and into the wee morning hours. Not 10 miles from me, my daughter got only a skiff.

The Mr.s dog and his neighborhood playdate Molly have been enjoying it. Biting snow and throwing it in the air like a ball and trying to catch it. Both were feeling spunky this morning.

I couldn't resist this one, I rarely show off my Love Letter box.

Our logging project that has come to a stand still with everything else that's going on right now.

The Mr.s dog Raleigh trying to coax me to come and throw ball.

Just my snowy back yard, That looks so good with the snow on it to hide the yard work that needs to be done...But oh well, its too snowy now...darn

My version of a snow angel.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Batter up!

CNN Reports
-- Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett died Monday age 45 after suffering a stroke at his Arizona home, a hospital spokeswoman says.

This saddens me, Because he did do a lot of things just for kids.
As a former baseball team mom for Canby Kids, My kids and I collected Baseball cards as a means to keep the kids interested in something other than drugs and running wild with kids that were not so desirable. It seemed if we as parents showed interest in something the kids would too.
Who knew?

Now if I remember right Kirby was one of those cards that the #2 son thought might not pan out and we had what seemed like tons (might I say junk cards) of his cards. I kept all my cards, the kids I don't think so. I told them to hang on to them but trading was all the rage and the almighty buck spoke loudest.

Now the Griffey's are still my favorite players, both the retired papa and the baby boy Jr. and the Seattle Mariners still have a sweet spot in my heart, And I have way more Baseball knowledge than I'll ever need. But someday maybe I'll have my fortune in one or two Baseball cards. It's to bad people have to die the cards really skyrocket.
Now, checking with tonight the shock wave has not hit yet but it will. My cards are still only worth the paper they are printed on but someday....
I find him to be a mixed bag, although not condemning for his actions,
I know his life was filled with adversity and we all answer for our own doings someday, I just hope that some little kid saw his batting skills and wanted to try to be better than that and that his life stood for something great in someones eyes....and My sincere Condolences to the Puckett family.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop...

I have had a couple of instances here in the past few months that either old friends or my baby sis has refered to the late 60's and early to late 70's.

This has brought on some old memories of mine, Like selling seeds from a small ad on the back of a comic book. I'll have you know I sold enough seeds to buy several really wanted crap toys, so laugh if you will, My seller days began way back then and I was good at it. I collected s&h green stamps and the cigarette coupons from moms cigarettes. I had tons of them. Scary Huh?

FYI,I know know the name of the Seed Company...
(The only company advertising in our 1970's comics is American Seed Co., Lancaster PA...Thanks to Elaine Larson for Apple's Attic)

My next job was babysitting, and it seemed whatever I was doing I would do it with fervor and passion to make as much as I could. Mainly to be able to spend it on what I wanted or the excuse to go somewhere and meet boys. (That's how I met my first ex-husband)

I would earn money to be able to go to the local shopping center that had a Skaggs drug store and a TG&Y 5-$1.00 store, I would dress up the baby sis as cute as ever and we'd go shopping, Mom loved the peace it gave her, But looking back now that was really dangerous to do. I was only about 11-13 then and sis was 2-4 years old.

I always remember buying things mom couldn't afford like count Chocula cereal for the bath time mitt and bar of soap offer that came with the box and Clackers graham cereal, Not to be confused with these gems
which I bought tons of too.
I remember the cereal was huge pieces in your mouth and left a greasy film on the roof of your mouth. What was that?

The reason for this was the Wacky Racers car inside, I wanted the Penelope Pitstop one.

I for some reason wanted to be like her then, Why I don't know other than she was rich and seemed to out live every dastardly thing that Sylvester Sneekly and the Hooded Claw (Paul Lynde) would try to do to her along with the Ant Hill mob and Chugga Boom the car. She always came out smelling like a rose with her fortune in tact.
Come to think of it that's why...

Now some of the other things that I loved as a child was my Lullaby baby by horsman doll company which I still have today. Kiddles dolls, the flower ones, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, apple blossom, Lily of the valley and rose bud there were a few more too i just can't remember their names. Also some perfume bottle dolls called Kologne Kiddles, and Ice cream Kone dolls,

My favorite smelling one was minty (Corsican mint) scented...OMG, she smelled good enough to eat. Now, the baby sis was into the Easy bake oven and SeaWees the little mermaid dolls. Which by the way were collected on our shopping trips to the Tg&y store. Does anybody remember the Incredible Edibles? OMG, They tasted horrible but we ate them all the same. Those gummy gems...Yuck!
Oh, not to forget the L&M,Lucky strike and Chesterfield candy cigarettes and gum cigarettes with paper on them and a red end like a lit cigarette. If you would blow on the cigarette, between the paper and the gum was cornstarch that looked like cigarette smoke with the first couple of blows.

We thought we were so cool!

...Baby sis do you remember the Herbal Essence Shampoo episode?