Monday, March 06, 2006

Batter up!

CNN Reports
-- Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett died Monday age 45 after suffering a stroke at his Arizona home, a hospital spokeswoman says.

This saddens me, Because he did do a lot of things just for kids.
As a former baseball team mom for Canby Kids, My kids and I collected Baseball cards as a means to keep the kids interested in something other than drugs and running wild with kids that were not so desirable. It seemed if we as parents showed interest in something the kids would too.
Who knew?

Now if I remember right Kirby was one of those cards that the #2 son thought might not pan out and we had what seemed like tons (might I say junk cards) of his cards. I kept all my cards, the kids I don't think so. I told them to hang on to them but trading was all the rage and the almighty buck spoke loudest.

Now the Griffey's are still my favorite players, both the retired papa and the baby boy Jr. and the Seattle Mariners still have a sweet spot in my heart, And I have way more Baseball knowledge than I'll ever need. But someday maybe I'll have my fortune in one or two Baseball cards. It's to bad people have to die the cards really skyrocket.
Now, checking with tonight the shock wave has not hit yet but it will. My cards are still only worth the paper they are printed on but someday....
I find him to be a mixed bag, although not condemning for his actions,
I know his life was filled with adversity and we all answer for our own doings someday, I just hope that some little kid saw his batting skills and wanted to try to be better than that and that his life stood for something great in someones eyes....and My sincere Condolences to the Puckett family.

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Marianne said...

This is an awesome post sweeti. I feel the same way and I mentioned him today as well...but certainly not to the same extent as you.

His family would be honored by your post.

Pirate said...

he was one of my favorites as well. it seems weird how many of my past hereos are leaving us at such regularity these days. I must be getting old.

Sweetilicious said...

Thank you Marianamal... I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Pirate... I hope that this trend slows down for awhile because it makes me feel old too. But of course I've gotten pretty used to the number 39 and I think I'll keep it.