Tuesday, March 21, 2006

..just a neighborly visit to say hi from the rooster across the street, actually two of them visit nearly every day.

My days lately have been just crazy! First the Mr. gets another job in the San Francisco area and were pretty happy for that! Nice conditions... ;)YaY!

Then yesterday I get into my pickup to go do the errands before the Mr. has to leave and push down the clutch pedal and it goes to the floor and sticks there, I think oh shit! WTH could this be? Thank heavens it was in my driveway and not somewhere else.

I think it's probably a slave master cylinder because we checked the brake fluid in the clutch reservoir and it was low, So we filled it and popped up the clutch pedal and pumped the clutch to see if it would come back up, meanwhile I look under my truck and low and behold there's a drip,drip,drip. So it's out of use for a while until the Mr. has time to deal with it. :(

Then this morning the Mr. was headed for his flight and loses his phone before ever leaving the house, So he takes my phone with him. Now if you have been following along with me you already know that he has this slightly imperfect tendency to lose or leave things in places.
I have spoke of thing in the past like travel coffee cups, clothing or jackets, and last but not least Phone chargers. It is a job in itself just keeping this man organized. I don't know what he'd do without me! Honestly!
So about 5 minutes after he leaves and mind you with my phone now because he has to have a phone...I go out with a flashlight and there laying on the ground is his phone. About now I'm realizing that my phone is in the same jeopardy as the one laying on the ground except his had a phone case on it to protect it from his drops and mine doesn't. This freaks me out a little and he knows it too, which if something's gonna happen to it, He will most likely be to blame and that makes it more probable in his eyes.

I wonder if he feels the same way because while he's gone I'll be driving his truck, which scares me, It's got like 400k miles on it, No kidding, he and this truck are inseparable and he speaks proudly of all the miles and considers it to be an accomplishment. He could do a friggen Ford commercial. I on the other hand worry about where it will finally take a rest if you catch my drift.
I guess you know I plan not to drive unless I have to. With all this drama in my life lately I need this reprieve...but it could be on a beach in the sun drinking umbrella drinks...Oh, and what I didn't tell you, Sunday night I picked up some malware somewhere and it erased my hard drive so I spent to the wee hours in the morning on Monday reloading everything to my PC. I lost quite a few pictures, that makes me sad. I need to remember to back up my work more often.

Now I just want to crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head and have some peace But that's not gonna happen, The Dog needs to go out and my Co-author is meowing for his food...and life goes on thankfully!

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Jeannie said...

Life can be too hectic. I'm glad my Mr. isn't the only one lacking organizational skills. Problem is - I am too.