Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey there's snow on Sweeti's Mountain

Well, so much for it's not going to be below 1000'. Here I am at 620' and its been snowing to beat the band. We got about 3 1/2" - 4" overnite and into the wee morning hours. Not 10 miles from me, my daughter got only a skiff.

The Mr.s dog and his neighborhood playdate Molly have been enjoying it. Biting snow and throwing it in the air like a ball and trying to catch it. Both were feeling spunky this morning.

I couldn't resist this one, I rarely show off my Love Letter box.

Our logging project that has come to a stand still with everything else that's going on right now.

The Mr.s dog Raleigh trying to coax me to come and throw ball.

Just my snowy back yard, That looks so good with the snow on it to hide the yard work that needs to be done...But oh well, its too snowy now...darn

My version of a snow angel.

8 Left A Love Note :):

Pril said...

Those are some amazing photos! I wish we could come up and play in the snow! It's so beautiful!

Sweetilicious said...

I wish you could too it would be fun to have your company! I just got an update on our weather and it's looking like we could accumulate up to 8" WooHoo!
I got the woodstove going and the hot chocolate made, all feels right with the world right now. It's the simple things!

Jeannie said...

Glad it's you and not us - it's been raining since last night. But your pics are great...keep feedin em to me!

Pirate said...

so much for the global warming theory.

how's the healing coming along?

Marianne said...

What's that white stuff?

D.T. said...

It's like looking at one of those nature calendars...very nice. Especially that snow angel.

Angie said...

Where I live the weather guys always say not below 6000'. Seems weird to think of elevations in triple digits. :)

Sweetilicious said...

Angie thanks for stopping by, And your right about the triple digits I lived in Boulder for a while when I was younger.