Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Inspirational Wednesday

I thought about this for a few days and I have a couple topics to voice my appreciation of inspiration on.

There's the Mr., no matter how I worry about things he always finds a way to distract me from my thoughts and relieve me of the burden if he can. Even if it's only momentarily.

He inspires me in so many ways...first he's a go getter, I love that about him. He pushes me to do things I don't think I'd have the courage to do on my own. He comes up with projects that make me search for ways to complete to keep him from being frustrated, which in turn sounds like a pain in the butt...But it's not, I just have to learn a new trade is all.
So he inspires me to never quit learning. I love him.

The other would be, my Doctor, Dr. Leedy...He renews my inspiration to go on by relieving me of my awful sinus headaches. Without the conscientious actions on his part I would still be wondering if all this is really worth going on. I must admit I was becoming wore down and tired.
Now I'm inspired by the lovely smells both good and bad, And it's amazing how good foods tastes! So my cooking is probably going to improve too! It's absolutely rejuvenating.
Thank you to both of you guys!

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Jeannie said...

Beautiful pic#1! Is that your yard right now? If so I'm soooo jealous. It's too soon for anything but mud here.

Nice tribute to a couple of the men in your life. Just make sure the Mr. keeps you busy enough that you don't overindulge because of what Dr. has done and put on a bunch of weight! You might just eat more when food tastes so good.

Sweetilicious said...

Yup, Jeannie that's our back yard. It was our first glimpse of a springy day. The Magnolia tree is finally getting big enough to put on quite the show. It will do it again late fall.
All the fruit trees and Rhododendrons are getting ready to burst also.
...The eating thing, You know I almost get full sooner now than before. It must be the combination of being able smell the food while eating that satiates me sooner. I dunno but I'm keeping track on the scale too.