Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Moms gotta do what Moms gotta do....

Sorry Jer, I know you hate this but, I love you.

Ok, I'm proud so shoot not really...I just have to go with the positive for now and the #1 son is climbing that ladder to his successful career and I'm just ecstatic for him and his wife April.
She says:

In a few weeks Jer and one other person will be flown to San Francisco to learn about new equipment for his company. That means he will be the only one who will know how to run the hardware The other guy will be going to learn the software end..
Isn't it great when you get to see your kids make it and feel their joy, It's double-ly delicious, might I say better than Chocolate? That's hard to beat!

4 Left A Love Note :):

Pirate said...

the gems the lord leant us only seem to keep glowing.

Sweetilicious said...

Pirate your so right!

I brought forward three wonderfully redeeming bright and shining lights into this world...And nothing can ever take away or strip the light of them from my eyes.

D.T. said...

I love it when parents brag about their kids! It's very "Mines-better-than-yours!" cute! Except when mine do it...then it's just weird.

bill said...

That is terrific, absolutely. Major congratulations due all around!