Friday, March 24, 2006

My Seven, Or Eight songs...

Pirates Tag...I am listing seven or more songs I will automatically sing along with no matter where they are played... and the kids would humor me because they had too! I'm the mommy and that's why! I know I caught them singing too.

  1. Ub40- Red, Red, Wine
  2. Billy Paul-Me and Mrs. Jones
  3. Rufus-Tell me something good
  4. Moe Bandy-Hey moe/Hey Joe
  5. Merle Haggard-Twinkle,Twinkle lucky star.
  6. Eric Clapton-Wonderful tonight, Layla, Knocking on heavens door.
  7. Cat Stevens-Morning has broken, Moonshadow.
  8. Jack Johnson-Cocoon, Banana pancakes, Times like these.

Now the other equally important favorite list.

  1. Roger Miller-Chug-a-lug*
  2. " " -Dang me
  3. " " -King of the road*
  4. " " -Do wacka do
  5. " " -Walking in the sunshine*
  6. " " -Engine, Engine #9
  7. " " -England Swings
  8. Louis Armstrong-What a wonderful world*
  9. Arron Neville-Amazing Grace, Because It makes me cry to sing it.
  10. Etta James-At last

And keep me away from Diana Ross and Motown there's far too many there.

Passing on the... if you want to do it, do it. If not don't, tag.

8 Left A Love Note :):

D.T. said...

I love "Red, Red Wine"! And everything by Jack amazing. And I like your equally important list too! "At love, has come along..." But why didnt those songs make it onto the top 8?

Sweetilicious said...

Oh my gosh David I could go on and on. The reason was, I thought I was already pushing it with first set and couldn't decide which to make the top seven. Everyone is tied to a memory.
Jack Johnson is the other man in my household right now.

Jeannie said...

ahhh - Motown! love it
Red red wine - Neil Diamond babe!
Lots and lots of early Neil
Peter Paul and Mary - Leavin on a jetplane although Chantal's was ok too
Eric Clapton - yes
Simply Red
What a Wonderful World for sure
makes others cry when I sing Amazing Grace (jk)
yup to Cat Stephens

Sweetilicious said...

I'd love to hear you sing amazing grace!

Pirate said...

you are great. Roger Miller why don't you just take a rope and hang me?

you forgot guys like Jim Reeves, Eddie Arnold and Johnny Horton.

great list i feel so inept here.

Sweetilicious said...

Oh, I haven't forgotten them, Walk thru this world with me is another favorite. I have them all. This was ingrained in my soul music for me growing up and I still love it today.

lovinthiskid said...

Oh you just gotta love a mother with such good taste in music :)

Sweetilicious said...

Hey, I got one of the boys to comment on the moms blog. Now I've got to work on the other one :) Kisses and hugs