Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop...

I have had a couple of instances here in the past few months that either old friends or my baby sis has refered to the late 60's and early to late 70's.

This has brought on some old memories of mine, Like selling seeds from a small ad on the back of a comic book. I'll have you know I sold enough seeds to buy several really wanted crap toys, so laugh if you will, My seller days began way back then and I was good at it. I collected s&h green stamps and the cigarette coupons from moms cigarettes. I had tons of them. Scary Huh?

FYI,I know know the name of the Seed Company...
(The only company advertising in our 1970's comics is American Seed Co., Lancaster PA...Thanks to Elaine Larson for Apple's Attic)

My next job was babysitting, and it seemed whatever I was doing I would do it with fervor and passion to make as much as I could. Mainly to be able to spend it on what I wanted or the excuse to go somewhere and meet boys. (That's how I met my first ex-husband)

I would earn money to be able to go to the local shopping center that had a Skaggs drug store and a TG&Y 5-$1.00 store, I would dress up the baby sis as cute as ever and we'd go shopping, Mom loved the peace it gave her, But looking back now that was really dangerous to do. I was only about 11-13 then and sis was 2-4 years old.

I always remember buying things mom couldn't afford like count Chocula cereal for the bath time mitt and bar of soap offer that came with the box and Clackers graham cereal, Not to be confused with these gems
which I bought tons of too.
I remember the cereal was huge pieces in your mouth and left a greasy film on the roof of your mouth. What was that?

The reason for this was the Wacky Racers car inside, I wanted the Penelope Pitstop one.

I for some reason wanted to be like her then, Why I don't know other than she was rich and seemed to out live every dastardly thing that Sylvester Sneekly and the Hooded Claw (Paul Lynde) would try to do to her along with the Ant Hill mob and Chugga Boom the car. She always came out smelling like a rose with her fortune in tact.
Come to think of it that's why...

Now some of the other things that I loved as a child was my Lullaby baby by horsman doll company which I still have today. Kiddles dolls, the flower ones, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, apple blossom, Lily of the valley and rose bud there were a few more too i just can't remember their names. Also some perfume bottle dolls called Kologne Kiddles, and Ice cream Kone dolls,

My favorite smelling one was minty (Corsican mint) scented...OMG, she smelled good enough to eat. Now, the baby sis was into the Easy bake oven and SeaWees the little mermaid dolls. Which by the way were collected on our shopping trips to the Tg&y store. Does anybody remember the Incredible Edibles? OMG, They tasted horrible but we ate them all the same. Those gummy gems...Yuck!
Oh, not to forget the L&M,Lucky strike and Chesterfield candy cigarettes and gum cigarettes with paper on them and a red end like a lit cigarette. If you would blow on the cigarette, between the paper and the gum was cornstarch that looked like cigarette smoke with the first couple of blows.

We thought we were so cool!

...Baby sis do you remember the Herbal Essence Shampoo episode?

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Jeannie said...

Gee, I feel deprived - I never had any of that stuff except for the clackers which were recalled because they could totally exlode and put kids' eyes out. My Mom wouldn't buy junk cereal or anything else fun like that. Mind you, I didn't feel deprived at the time cuz most of my friends didn't have that stuff either. I only knew one girl who collected kiddles.

Sweetilicious said...

I know about the clackers and them exploding alright, We would just turn or head and clack away. I can't tell you how many bruises my forearms had in those years, Probably a million!

Marianne said...

Oh wow! This was a great post! It brought back many memories for me too!

But the Kiddles Kologne was something I could have done without. My middle sister spilled it in my bedroom and it made me sick for days. Actually I don't know if it was Kiddles because the bottle had a bear on it. Oh but good heavens it stunk!!!

Sweetilicious said...

I don't remember the kiddles kologne being anything other than a little doll in a perfume shape bottle and cap would come off and the bottle would split in half to get the doll out...And they smell good.
Maybe it was care bear cologne or something, I remember it not smelling so good.

Pirate said...

you did a fine job awakening my childhood memories. Okay what was wrong with FrankenBerries?

Sweetilicious said...

OMG, I forgot about them being so frightfully delicious!