Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sweeti does that really belong in the kitchen?

Recently I had a visit from one of my very favorite cousins. She is sweet, caring,loving, and like a sister to me. She always comes in and has such an enquiring mind. She has a great sense of humor too, I forgot to add that.
She comes in with the little whirlwind she calls her family and barely has a moment to herself, But we manage somehow to sneek in a little's never long enough and when she leaves it's like my best friend going home :(

Now while she was here she managed to wander the kitchen area a little to see what was new, I am a gadget woman and I don't deny it at all. She walks over to my kitchen sink and is doing something for one of the kids and finishes her task, She then proceeds to ask me "What is this thing and What is it doing in your kitchen?"

I'm thinking what could she be talking about? I wouldn't have things in the kitchen that belonged in other rooms. The way she said it sounded like I left something unmentionable laying on the my counter. I jump to my feet and go over and check it out, And at that point start to laugh to myself. She said this is the second place I've seen these and they look a little suggestive.

Today I was thinking of her and missing her so I used my little suggestive item to make my cookies.
See it's a Pineapple #6 cookie press and it presses out these lovely little cookies that you can nibble. They are thin and crisp with the yummiest vanilla aroma and crispy sugar crust. The chocolate ones have been dipped in dry hot chocolate mix instead of sugar and then pressed. They have the taste of creamy hot chocolate and smell incredible also. These are great alone or with Ice Cream in the middle to form an Ice cream sandwich.

....You make me smile I miss you Kristi :)

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Jeannie said...

Now there's a fancy little toy! LMAO I've never seen one of those. I'd have loved it back in the day when I frequently baked. I miss those days.

Pirate said...

I was falling out of my chair when I first saw this. I had know idea what to think.

Marianne said...

Seriously, I envy you. All I ever wanted was to stay home with my child and be a full time mom to her. And use funky little things like a pinapple cookie press. And have my house smell like fresh cookies right out of the oven when she walked in the door from school.

I HATE and I LOATHE being a career woman.

You are so blessed. Do you really have any idea?

Sweetilicious said...

Let me start with Jan Brady, Oh my gosh I so know how lucky I am to be home and I don't forget it. I was as you say a career woman too, But now do a business at home. A change in priorities was my biggest advantage to this lifestyle. I hope someday you can too.
Jeannie and Pirate, I knew I'd catch you off guard, It was to funny not to share. I laughed writing.

D.T. said...

Those cookies look so cute and so delicious! It just makes me want to grab a few and eat them with a cup o' tea! Do they have to be made with the press or are they ok without it?