Monday, March 13, 2006

Tuesday night 8-10

You know for someone that doesn't fall into the Survivor trap I sure have fallen prey to the American Idol. I have some favorites that I hope make it.

  1. Taylor
  2. Bucky
  3. Ace
  4. Kellie
  5. Katharine

Now I think that Geodeon should have stayed and Elliot earned his ticket home last week, But I'm not in charge damn it!

7 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

I haven't watched Idol since the first one. Didn't even know it was on again.

Marianne said...

I am pulling for Pickler. I was pulling for Will Makar, but well, we know that's over now.

Sweetilicious said...

Ummmmm, Will reminded me of Donny Osmond and and embarassing crush I had on him when I was young...He was sweet but I just couldn't thread there again.

Jeannie said...

Hey Sweeti - just thought I'd let you know - I started one of your pics for a painting - the one titled The Beautiful Oregon Coast - it's going to be a 16 x 20 - my biggest one yet! Here's hoping I don't singlehandedly destroy the Oregon coastline huh? :0

Sweetilicious said...
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Sweetilicious said...

Jeannie,I am so excited! I know you'll do a great job. That picture is one of my personal favorites.

Marianne said...

Okay, I changed my mind. It's gotta be Chris. Kellie is cute but she doesn't have staying power.

I pulled for Will because he was the brother of one of our morning radio personalities here. It was neat to hear her talk about him on the radio. So naturally I had to pull for him.