Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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Tip toeing thru and amongst the Tulips

This was my adventure today...Slipping and sliding in the mud and snapping shots like a mad woman. I offered my services as a photographer to many of the families there and a bunch took me up on it. It was so gorgeous out today, Sunny 65-70 degrees and no wind to speak of.

Now this place is 40 acres, I of course would have liked to have walked them all but my lower back just wouldn't have allowed it. I'll be glad when that's better. You know if it isn't one thing it's another.
I loved just being out there today, it was simply amazing.

To see more shots go to my
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Monday, April 17, 2006

You can call me anything you want, Just don't call me late for dinner

Our Easter...This Easter was a little different because I gave up on the idea of the kids throwing a dinner party for the family and broke down and made it myself after many years of no Easter dinner and still waiting.

The Daughter not wanting to go through the hassle I'm sure with two boys running her ragged most of the time, and the #2 Son, still finding himself and not ready for the large responsibly of this magnitude, #1 son too far away to even think about it.

I guess its my self assumed life's work to do this, I do enjoy the family all together. My dinner an oven roasted Smoked Ham, perfectly gorgeous and the aroma through out the house incredible. I don't know how I kept from just slicing off pieces while checking on it while in the oven.

Still the best 20 years and counting

My shameless plug.

We had mashed baby reds with the skins, but no gravy, oh, and I heard about it too. But baby reds with butter were enough.

I had one of those years with the boiled eggs too, I swear I boiled three dozen eggs trying to get them to peel freely from the shell. It never did happen, In fact it only got worse with each dozen.

Now I know the most of the tricks like boil no more than 15 min., and immediately plunge into ice water, But did it work this year? Heck No!(Big Frustration) So I peeled them as best as I could and made a macaroni salad. Which didn't hurt the Mr.s feelings any. Then made Devilishly delicious eggs with the rest of the unrecognizable ones that followed. I know what it was, The eggs were not old enough. If they are too fresh that's what happens. Next year I'm buying them 2-3 weeks in advance.

Hummm let me see, We had our usually requested yeast rolls from the Mr.s Aunt Connie and Uncle Glen, She makes the best rolls. She was so sweet and brought a little present of Starbucks Truffle filled eggs, Yummm! Its not a holiday in our house without them here. Desserts were Homemade brownies and my daughter and her husband Danny brought candy filled easter eggs,& coconut creme pie also there was sugar cookies from my neighbors.

We did have a new guest this year, the #2 son brought along with him and did I mention they were late? His name was Marc but for some reason I kept calling him Matt until my son finally corected me, It must be a mind block...the ex's name was Mark. So sorry Marc. We are glad you came to dinner though even if you were late.
No baby sister this dinner either we missed her, and no #1 son and his wife April Maybe next year. Huh?

So all is well that ends well it was a good time, I hope your holiday was filled with good memories.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter from my house to yours!

Friend or no friend?

There was this man I'd met at my local Pharmacy he is a nice looking older gentleman, probably going to retire soon. That makes me sad. His name is Allan. I don't know much about him only that he has a kind heart, gray hair, a flat top, a big smile and kind eyes. He is my favorite Pharmacist bar none.

I was thinking of making a major life changing decision and need help to accomplish this major alteration that I was about to embark upon. See I was contemplating on leaving an old friend behind and I knew this was one of the hardest things that I could probably do. I enjoyed this friend for the most part. But this friendship was not giving me the satisfaction that it once gave me and it was becoming apparent to me that it was completely one sided.

So I mentioned this to Allan and he told me about his leaving an old friend and moving on too, he'd said you just have to adjust your attitude and make it your choice. (The key phrase here is choose to do what you want to accomplish) This powerful new phrase had then sunk in and I have used it many times to empower me to do the things that need to be done.

I prepared to feel awful, I didn't happen, I said to myself "I can't believe that its this easy just to walk away," Was I capable of doing this just by choosing a new life path? Day by Day I felt more liberated than the day before. How could this be after all those years that I invested in that friendship, Could I really just walk away and do without.

I mean we walked together, spent many nights outside watching the stars, went on vacations together, heck we even had a glass of wine together many times. One of my favorite times with my old friend was during and after projects, I would sit down and enjoy 5 minutes or sometimes 10 minutes with my friend and after meals my friend was always there for me. Although my friend had an odor problem and seemed to offend some of my other friends I continued to enjoy my friend.

Now to my defense, My friend was getting way out of hand in the expense department expecting me to pick up the tab constantly and never coughing up the dough that it took to continue to see this friend, Another words not giving anything back and this was leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I gave up a lot to be friends with this friend.
But no more I have chosen not to be friends any longer, Released the monkey so to speak and I have never looked back. I am not tempted to go and revisit this friend although many thought this could never happen.

Now back to Allan, He was directly responsible for helping me make this life saving choice. I know I had to do it myself, But the suggestion was made and I chose to listen. 3 years ago this happened today, And I'm happy to report that my Ex-friend the Cigarette has never been welcomed back into my life again.

...And for those that are considering my suggestion, there is help to quit, I used the cheap and simple Walgreens Patch and used it religiously and faithfully. I also prayed for the help I needed to walk away as painlessly as I could. The prayers worked, The patch worked and the mind set worked. My biggest thanks to the God that gets me through all my hard times, he is my rock. Thank you Allan for taking the time to make this suggestion, and sharing your experiences with me that evening in the Pharmacy.

The key word is you have say you choose not to smoke rather than I quit smoking. Just the simple change in wording was all the difference for me. It was empowering.

Happy Re-Birthday to me, Oh and the Mr. Quit then too. See he used to smoke my cigarettes and they were no longer available. YaY!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Inspirational Wednesday

I am as you all know am so addicted to the sunshine right along with Art Ulene and its effects on my body. It gives me energy, mood elevation, and an all over sense of well being. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, Showers again later today. :x

So by posting a picture of the rarity of this spectacular occurrence here in NW Oregon I hope to make you don the sunglasses and get some of the energy that it gives me.

Happy Inspirational Wednesday

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Make it stop...if you can

Being a home based business and having had my own business besides this one that I still get business mail for. I'm swimming in this junk, no wonder my office is so cluttered. Thanks Capitol One!
I don't know if any of you are as inundated with junk credit card and buy this crap junk mail as I am but I have had it up to my throat literally. Your afraid to throw it away because of who might find it and use it. So you have to either burn it or shred it.
Now I have been thru 2 shredders because of this and I'm so tired of it. You know they put those stupid fake credit cards in so you have to open them in order to shred them and then what do you do with that stupid fake card?

I'm in rebellion mode now and taking these 0% interest offers and shoving them right back where they belong. I am opening the letters as they want me too but also taking everything in the envelope including the envelope they mailed it to me in, And mailing it back to them on their dime. I just fold things till they fit. But before this I take a permanent black marker and black out my name and write "REFUSED" on the letter along with "NO THANKS" and sometimes "STOP SENDING ME THIS CRAP". It's whatever I feel like that day.

Now the junk mail hasn't stopped but neither have I, I just pile it up until I need to vent and whip out the junk mail and get revenge. It feels Good!

Monday, April 10, 2006

2006 Knife and Blade Show

This years newest items...They are really prettier in person.

Well, once again we participated in the Knife show in Eugene, Or., We were happy to have our same location in the show again which was Table L-16. Friends of ours J&J participated this year also which was nice because we had someone there to do things with during and after the show.

You know things like going to dinner together at a slightly Quaint little place called the 6th Street bar and Grill, The food was good, we had a wide range of foods from a Cheeseburger to a plate of Salmon, to Coconut shrimp (Which looked really good) to my plate which was a Ribeye steak with a mushroom sauce and the yummiest scalloped potatoes!
...and dessert was even better. We had a snickers cheesecake with a drizzle of my favorite~Chocolate. Our friends had a chocolate/peanut butter cheesecake I thought ours was better and I think they thought so too.

We had a pretty good time there watching this pretty young blonde gal, (weighing about 100 lb. soaking wet) put away what looked like a quart and a half of beer, Wondering how drunk she'd get from all that beer that was served to her. But following that beer was another of the same and she was becoming friendlier to her date but still able to walk and wasn't under the table yet so to speak. Which is where I would have been after that huge beer because it goes straight to the bean counter if you know what I mean?

A funny thing...I'm remembering a similar thing here in that a friends blog recently referred to how we think when we see a car that stands out a little but don't readily see the driver and we wonder who and what age and what stature would drive that car.
Well, I drew a similar comparison to people being served what drinks on the waitresses tray, I thought for sure and I have no idea why, That this huge beer would absolutely go to the guy in this couple and the mixed drink would naturally go to the gal.

It didn't happen the way I thought and I have to admit I was somewhat surprised. Now, I mentioned this to our friends and she being a waitress by trade said this Phenomenon happens to her all the time. For example a couple comes in and the man will order this big Cobb salad and the woman will order a big steak and baked potato with all the fixins. It shouldn't be surprising but it sometimes is.

Now the other restaurant is hardly worthy of a review and that was a Chinese restaurant and the food was OK but not great. No mixed drinks only limited types of beer and wine. Not a good choice for next year.

The show went well, except it was very light in the customer end of the show. Normally theres a lot more people coming thru the doors and more buyers. It was a cold and rainy weekend and I figure that it was probably to blame for the lack of turnout. Still many people were disappointed by the low volume of people. It was a nice show for the people that did come though, Not to crowded and a lot of Knife Vendors.

Now don't even get me started with a review on the food at the show, Yuck! You'd think that they could do better than that. The thing is the sellers are kind of at the mercy of these vendors and they know it. That place would do well to improve the food vendors they bring in to feed us. If you or someone you know works for the Eugene Fairgrounds please pass that on and another thing that perturbs me in the functions that we participate in, I think the food vendors should be held to hours of the event at least. We contract them and they shut down before our event is done...What the hell? It's just not right. At least stay open for coffee and drinks!
You know years ago, Our Northwest Saddlebred Show was held at this same facility and the food was better then than it was this time and it wasn't great then. Salem Fairgrounds has better food choices and and better prices too. That's all I have to say about that.

Oh, I almost forgot. I won a raffle while I was there. Two possible types of prizes...1) being Knife making supplies which I'd give to the Mr. and the other a Knife or something like it which I probably would keep for myself. I won supplies, It figures, but the Mr. was happy with his brand new sharpening stones. Our friends J&J won also, And theirs was a knife. YaY!
All in all as usual we spent more than we made but 25+ business cards are out there now and the Mr. says it's all worth it. So we'll see...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is the Mediterranean Villa on the same place

The Villa

The Dining room

The veranda off the dining room, You should see the kitchen it's to die for! It even has a butlers pantry off the kitchen.
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the master bedroom suite with a view of the bay.

...and it's veranda

View from upstairs to living room

master bath, Tub and glass blocked round shower.

Below a newly finished swimming pool.
From the master bedroom veranda you can see the main barn and riding arena, Soon to be a new covered riding arena between the barn and the house we stayed in. OMG, this house is the most gorgeous house I think I'd seen in a long time. And it's twice to three times the size of the other one. We could possibly stay in this one from time to time if it's open. It's also a vacation rental.

Do you know the way to San Jose, No...it's Sonoma

We landed at Oakland, and rented a PT Cruiser at the airport and it was nice at least it fit the luggage and had a nice sporty look to it.
Well, as my title gives you a clue, we got lost right off the bat. Not really lost but lost enough to have to stop and buy another map. My yahoo maps just were not cutting it! It was a good thing we did get lost though because I got to go thru San Francisco which was beautiful and totally rich with architecture. Also we did the golden gate bridge, I had been over that with my Dad in 1980, but not again since. I was thinking I'd get to meet up with the #1 Son who was in California too but It just didn't work out :( We were pushing to finish the whole time we were there this time.

Oh, And your gonna hate me for this and I'm sorry in advance ok?

This house we stayed in was 4500 SQ. feet, 5 bedrooms, hottub, and a great view.

Now, these pictures only show you about a 1/3 of the house. A person could get winded walking from one end of it to the other. I was walking thru and checking out the little nick-nak items and came across this little book. So I sat down and read for a while. I couldn't believe someone actually wrote a book on this subject, nevertheless it was interesting, and not totally about doing nothing, although it had some great tips on how to beach bum it and deep breathing exercises.

Now, The Mr. was there to work. He got his shop set up and bench built and shoes made for the horses and the horses taken care of. I helped to...a little. Sweeping mostly but also in the putting together and organizing of the shop.

Oh, and where I shined was cooking in that huge kitchen. I couldn't get to the store fast enough to buy food, I ended up making things like Lasagna with a nice salad. I discovered a wine that I liked and I know most wouldn't consider it a wine but it was a dessert wine called Blackberry Merlot out of Modesto, Ca. I could have drank 2 bottles of that.
I did a little shopping around Sonoma and found it to be a spendy little community, I stopped in at an antique store and called it the "Four Thousand Dollar Store" from that point on. Nice stuff but again pretty spendy.

All in all it was an enjoyable trip although I could have handled a nice amount of sunshine too, and Jeannie I looked for a tanning bed there and never did find one.
David, Next time I go I am stocking up on some of those wines and maybe do a couple wine tastings while I'm there.

Sunset from 10,000'over San Francisco Bay. And now I'm home for a few days.