Monday, April 10, 2006

2006 Knife and Blade Show

This years newest items...They are really prettier in person.

Well, once again we participated in the Knife show in Eugene, Or., We were happy to have our same location in the show again which was Table L-16. Friends of ours J&J participated this year also which was nice because we had someone there to do things with during and after the show.

You know things like going to dinner together at a slightly Quaint little place called the 6th Street bar and Grill, The food was good, we had a wide range of foods from a Cheeseburger to a plate of Salmon, to Coconut shrimp (Which looked really good) to my plate which was a Ribeye steak with a mushroom sauce and the yummiest scalloped potatoes!
...and dessert was even better. We had a snickers cheesecake with a drizzle of my favorite~Chocolate. Our friends had a chocolate/peanut butter cheesecake I thought ours was better and I think they thought so too.

We had a pretty good time there watching this pretty young blonde gal, (weighing about 100 lb. soaking wet) put away what looked like a quart and a half of beer, Wondering how drunk she'd get from all that beer that was served to her. But following that beer was another of the same and she was becoming friendlier to her date but still able to walk and wasn't under the table yet so to speak. Which is where I would have been after that huge beer because it goes straight to the bean counter if you know what I mean?

A funny thing...I'm remembering a similar thing here in that a friends blog recently referred to how we think when we see a car that stands out a little but don't readily see the driver and we wonder who and what age and what stature would drive that car.
Well, I drew a similar comparison to people being served what drinks on the waitresses tray, I thought for sure and I have no idea why, That this huge beer would absolutely go to the guy in this couple and the mixed drink would naturally go to the gal.

It didn't happen the way I thought and I have to admit I was somewhat surprised. Now, I mentioned this to our friends and she being a waitress by trade said this Phenomenon happens to her all the time. For example a couple comes in and the man will order this big Cobb salad and the woman will order a big steak and baked potato with all the fixins. It shouldn't be surprising but it sometimes is.

Now the other restaurant is hardly worthy of a review and that was a Chinese restaurant and the food was OK but not great. No mixed drinks only limited types of beer and wine. Not a good choice for next year.

The show went well, except it was very light in the customer end of the show. Normally theres a lot more people coming thru the doors and more buyers. It was a cold and rainy weekend and I figure that it was probably to blame for the lack of turnout. Still many people were disappointed by the low volume of people. It was a nice show for the people that did come though, Not to crowded and a lot of Knife Vendors.

Now don't even get me started with a review on the food at the show, Yuck! You'd think that they could do better than that. The thing is the sellers are kind of at the mercy of these vendors and they know it. That place would do well to improve the food vendors they bring in to feed us. If you or someone you know works for the Eugene Fairgrounds please pass that on and another thing that perturbs me in the functions that we participate in, I think the food vendors should be held to hours of the event at least. We contract them and they shut down before our event is done...What the hell? It's just not right. At least stay open for coffee and drinks!
You know years ago, Our Northwest Saddlebred Show was held at this same facility and the food was better then than it was this time and it wasn't great then. Salem Fairgrounds has better food choices and and better prices too. That's all I have to say about that.

Oh, I almost forgot. I won a raffle while I was there. Two possible types of prizes...1) being Knife making supplies which I'd give to the Mr. and the other a Knife or something like it which I probably would keep for myself. I won supplies, It figures, but the Mr. was happy with his brand new sharpening stones. Our friends J&J won also, And theirs was a knife. YaY!
All in all as usual we spent more than we made but 25+ business cards are out there now and the Mr. says it's all worth it. So we'll see...

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Jeannie said...

well the Mr's knives look quite remarkable and I'm not even into knives. Almost wish I was. What do people do with them? I'm sure they are meant to be used but how? It's too bad it wasn't busier for him. Still you never know what might come of it.

People always amaze me. But then we all have our quirks. It keeps life interesting.

Sweetilicious said...

The Mr.s Knives and swords are completely usable, The little knife I posted is a woman's bosom knife. Meant to be carried between the breast in a sheath. It's popular amongst Renaissance folks.

The swords are usable also, made with beautiful patterned blades of multiple steels for contrast to create these works of art.

He designs his own patterns and from start to finish the design is all his and takes many days and sometimes weeks or months.
They could be used in sword play or just kept as a collectable, Damascus steel is very expensive due to the amount of work that goes into each billet of steel to make a pattered blade. He has been gravitating towards the 16th-17th century period and enjoys trying to do some of the same swords.

Marianne said...

Your dinner sounded sinfully swell. Mushroom sauce makes my mouth water.

There is nothing more divine on this earth, than the sauteed mushrooms at the Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse. Merciful heavens.

And the Snickers Cheesecake almost put me over the edge. I am starving and it's only 9:06am.

Sweetilicious said...

It sounds like we need to come to see you and go to eat at your Steak house. I know you must have good steaks in that part of the country. Hmmmm, I've never been to Texas....