Thursday, April 06, 2006

Do you know the way to San Jose,'s Sonoma

We landed at Oakland, and rented a PT Cruiser at the airport and it was nice at least it fit the luggage and had a nice sporty look to it.
Well, as my title gives you a clue, we got lost right off the bat. Not really lost but lost enough to have to stop and buy another map. My yahoo maps just were not cutting it! It was a good thing we did get lost though because I got to go thru San Francisco which was beautiful and totally rich with architecture. Also we did the golden gate bridge, I had been over that with my Dad in 1980, but not again since. I was thinking I'd get to meet up with the #1 Son who was in California too but It just didn't work out :( We were pushing to finish the whole time we were there this time.

Oh, And your gonna hate me for this and I'm sorry in advance ok?

This house we stayed in was 4500 SQ. feet, 5 bedrooms, hottub, and a great view.

Now, these pictures only show you about a 1/3 of the house. A person could get winded walking from one end of it to the other. I was walking thru and checking out the little nick-nak items and came across this little book. So I sat down and read for a while. I couldn't believe someone actually wrote a book on this subject, nevertheless it was interesting, and not totally about doing nothing, although it had some great tips on how to beach bum it and deep breathing exercises.

Now, The Mr. was there to work. He got his shop set up and bench built and shoes made for the horses and the horses taken care of. I helped to...a little. Sweeping mostly but also in the putting together and organizing of the shop.

Oh, and where I shined was cooking in that huge kitchen. I couldn't get to the store fast enough to buy food, I ended up making things like Lasagna with a nice salad. I discovered a wine that I liked and I know most wouldn't consider it a wine but it was a dessert wine called Blackberry Merlot out of Modesto, Ca. I could have drank 2 bottles of that.
I did a little shopping around Sonoma and found it to be a spendy little community, I stopped in at an antique store and called it the "Four Thousand Dollar Store" from that point on. Nice stuff but again pretty spendy.

All in all it was an enjoyable trip although I could have handled a nice amount of sunshine too, and Jeannie I looked for a tanning bed there and never did find one.
David, Next time I go I am stocking up on some of those wines and maybe do a couple wine tastings while I'm there.

Sunset from 10,000'over San Francisco Bay. And now I'm home for a few days.

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Jeannie said...

Glad you're back Sweeti - I've missed you. Probably threw your counter totally out of whack LOL
Sounds like a nice trip. I'd kill for that house you stayed in.

Sweetilicious said...

LOL, Here I just thought i was popular. It was a nice trip and I'd kill for a house like that too! I'm going to post another rental home on the property too wait till you see that one.

D.T. said...

Well, while you are stocking up, dont forget to hook a brotha up! LOL...

BTW, I gotta say, I like your golden gate bridge picture! It looks soo cool! With that blue sky and puffy white clouds, it almost looks not real!

Sweetilicious said...

Yeah, the blue sky and puffy white clouds didn't last long. It was black clouds and rain shortly after that for 3 days. I know its gonna be better the next time around, It can't last forever...