Friday, April 14, 2006

Friend or no friend?

There was this man I'd met at my local Pharmacy he is a nice looking older gentleman, probably going to retire soon. That makes me sad. His name is Allan. I don't know much about him only that he has a kind heart, gray hair, a flat top, a big smile and kind eyes. He is my favorite Pharmacist bar none.

I was thinking of making a major life changing decision and need help to accomplish this major alteration that I was about to embark upon. See I was contemplating on leaving an old friend behind and I knew this was one of the hardest things that I could probably do. I enjoyed this friend for the most part. But this friendship was not giving me the satisfaction that it once gave me and it was becoming apparent to me that it was completely one sided.

So I mentioned this to Allan and he told me about his leaving an old friend and moving on too, he'd said you just have to adjust your attitude and make it your choice. (The key phrase here is choose to do what you want to accomplish) This powerful new phrase had then sunk in and I have used it many times to empower me to do the things that need to be done.

I prepared to feel awful, I didn't happen, I said to myself "I can't believe that its this easy just to walk away," Was I capable of doing this just by choosing a new life path? Day by Day I felt more liberated than the day before. How could this be after all those years that I invested in that friendship, Could I really just walk away and do without.

I mean we walked together, spent many nights outside watching the stars, went on vacations together, heck we even had a glass of wine together many times. One of my favorite times with my old friend was during and after projects, I would sit down and enjoy 5 minutes or sometimes 10 minutes with my friend and after meals my friend was always there for me. Although my friend had an odor problem and seemed to offend some of my other friends I continued to enjoy my friend.

Now to my defense, My friend was getting way out of hand in the expense department expecting me to pick up the tab constantly and never coughing up the dough that it took to continue to see this friend, Another words not giving anything back and this was leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I gave up a lot to be friends with this friend.
But no more I have chosen not to be friends any longer, Released the monkey so to speak and I have never looked back. I am not tempted to go and revisit this friend although many thought this could never happen.

Now back to Allan, He was directly responsible for helping me make this life saving choice. I know I had to do it myself, But the suggestion was made and I chose to listen. 3 years ago this happened today, And I'm happy to report that my Ex-friend the Cigarette has never been welcomed back into my life again.

...And for those that are considering my suggestion, there is help to quit, I used the cheap and simple Walgreens Patch and used it religiously and faithfully. I also prayed for the help I needed to walk away as painlessly as I could. The prayers worked, The patch worked and the mind set worked. My biggest thanks to the God that gets me through all my hard times, he is my rock. Thank you Allan for taking the time to make this suggestion, and sharing your experiences with me that evening in the Pharmacy.

The key word is you have say you choose not to smoke rather than I quit smoking. Just the simple change in wording was all the difference for me. It was empowering.

Happy Re-Birthday to me, Oh and the Mr. Quit then too. See he used to smoke my cigarettes and they were no longer available. YaY!

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Jeannie said...

Congratulations! I quit with help from God (actually I think he did all the work and I helped by not smoking) 25 years ago. My Mr. quit perhaps 10 years ago for good but it was very hard and he would go back again in a flash. He was also delivered once maybe 20 years ago but he took it back. My baby just quit a week ago. I wondered why she was so grumpy.

D.T. said...

Dude! I love this post! The way you made the ciggarette sound like a real live human...totally good selection of words! At first I was gonna offer this advice: Spend less time with said friend. Start making excuses as to why you cant be with said friend and after time, you both will drift apart and move on...but apparently you nipped the problem in the bud, and I'm so happy to hear that you've taken the steps to living a happy and healthier life! YAY!

Sweetilicious said...

Jeannie, Good luck to your baby, Boy I hope she's successful too! I know about how some would take it up after quitting. Once again its in the way you look at it. Some are smokers without cigarettes and some just choose not to and are just ex-smokers. 25 years ago...Congratulations to you too!

David, Thank you my sweet, I look forward to many more years and if I can help it healthy ones!

Marianne said...

Good for you Sweeti! Congratulations on another healthy year!

Pirate said...

I need to dump the same friend. i have had him off and on since i was 14. I just have a problem with the path because i only hang with this friend at night after everyone goes to bed. i do not spend any time with them before 9 pm.