Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Make it stop...if you can

Being a home based business and having had my own business besides this one that I still get business mail for. I'm swimming in this junk, no wonder my office is so cluttered. Thanks Capitol One!
I don't know if any of you are as inundated with junk credit card and buy this crap junk mail as I am but I have had it up to my throat literally. Your afraid to throw it away because of who might find it and use it. So you have to either burn it or shred it.
Now I have been thru 2 shredders because of this and I'm so tired of it. You know they put those stupid fake credit cards in so you have to open them in order to shred them and then what do you do with that stupid fake card?

I'm in rebellion mode now and taking these 0% interest offers and shoving them right back where they belong. I am opening the letters as they want me too but also taking everything in the envelope including the envelope they mailed it to me in, And mailing it back to them on their dime. I just fold things till they fit. But before this I take a permanent black marker and black out my name and write "REFUSED" on the letter along with "NO THANKS" and sometimes "STOP SENDING ME THIS CRAP". It's whatever I feel like that day.

Now the junk mail hasn't stopped but neither have I, I just pile it up until I need to vent and whip out the junk mail and get revenge. It feels Good!

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Jeannie said...

What a plan! I love it. Thank you so much for the great idea. Yes, I get lots of junk AND phone calls all the time. I think when we are bored, we should call the 800 # for the credit companies just to tell them we really don't want any more cards thank you. Annoy the crap out of the people who answer the phones there as much as they annoy us.

D.T. said...

Me too! I love your method of unwanted mail. I'm always getting crap, and I throw it away, and I hate that it just builds up in the trash so quickly, you know? So thanks!