Monday, April 17, 2006

You can call me anything you want, Just don't call me late for dinner

Our Easter...This Easter was a little different because I gave up on the idea of the kids throwing a dinner party for the family and broke down and made it myself after many years of no Easter dinner and still waiting.

The Daughter not wanting to go through the hassle I'm sure with two boys running her ragged most of the time, and the #2 Son, still finding himself and not ready for the large responsibly of this magnitude, #1 son too far away to even think about it.

I guess its my self assumed life's work to do this, I do enjoy the family all together. My dinner an oven roasted Smoked Ham, perfectly gorgeous and the aroma through out the house incredible. I don't know how I kept from just slicing off pieces while checking on it while in the oven.

Still the best 20 years and counting

My shameless plug.

We had mashed baby reds with the skins, but no gravy, oh, and I heard about it too. But baby reds with butter were enough.

I had one of those years with the boiled eggs too, I swear I boiled three dozen eggs trying to get them to peel freely from the shell. It never did happen, In fact it only got worse with each dozen.

Now I know the most of the tricks like boil no more than 15 min., and immediately plunge into ice water, But did it work this year? Heck No!(Big Frustration) So I peeled them as best as I could and made a macaroni salad. Which didn't hurt the Mr.s feelings any. Then made Devilishly delicious eggs with the rest of the unrecognizable ones that followed. I know what it was, The eggs were not old enough. If they are too fresh that's what happens. Next year I'm buying them 2-3 weeks in advance.

Hummm let me see, We had our usually requested yeast rolls from the Mr.s Aunt Connie and Uncle Glen, She makes the best rolls. She was so sweet and brought a little present of Starbucks Truffle filled eggs, Yummm! Its not a holiday in our house without them here. Desserts were Homemade brownies and my daughter and her husband Danny brought candy filled easter eggs,& coconut creme pie also there was sugar cookies from my neighbors.

We did have a new guest this year, the #2 son brought along with him and did I mention they were late? His name was Marc but for some reason I kept calling him Matt until my son finally corected me, It must be a mind block...the ex's name was Mark. So sorry Marc. We are glad you came to dinner though even if you were late.
No baby sister this dinner either we missed her, and no #1 son and his wife April Maybe next year. Huh?

So all is well that ends well it was a good time, I hope your holiday was filled with good memories.

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Pril said...

Sounds like your Easter was great. Maybe some year we can have you all to our house, I'd love that.

My eggs were being difficult too. Next time I'll use your tip on using old ones.

Jeannie said...

Sounds like a lovely meal with pleasant guests. My mom brought dessert which was nice of her and also some appetizers which she said were left over but I think she made extra to be sure she'd have left overs. No one brought chocolate. I made a veggie quiche for the veggie girl since she won't eat meat. I told her today that she missed out on the best turkey I ever made. I bought a fresh bird like I usually try to but honestly, this was the moistest one I've ever experienced and it was from the cheapy market! We normally order from the small town butcher. What a surprise.

Sweetilicious said...

April, I'd love that too! I missed you guys and always think of you during the holidays.

Sweetilicious said...

Jeannie, I have told so many people that the secret to a truely moist turkey is buy it fresh. I have never gone wrong and everyone raves. Once you go fresh you never go back. Glad you had a nice easter too.