Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy and Safe Memorial Day

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Co-Author Helping me investigate my...

Flat Tire, It appears someone has lost a screw and I've found it!

No Worries though I have Les Schwab tires to the rescue.

One flyin' the Coop

I recently learned and still don't except that my youngest son that I affectionately sometimes label as the #2 son. Which the numbers are purely for purposes of defining who is who according first and second born.

When your raising kids and its a tough spell you catch yourself wondering what it will be like when they're grown. But when they're grown you think of all the things that made you love them when they were little.

I'm so sad he's moving to Vegas June 10th, although the #1 son and his wife live there and they will get to spend time together, It's still a weepy time for this Mom.
I still have one daughter and her husband and kids living here and they have been warned "No moving allowed!"

This is just twisted don't you think, He's a grown man of 27 yrs. I know your thinking what does that make Sweeti? well I'll tell you..."39" again.
I sure hope he's making the right decision to move and he'll be safe and happy.

I made him promise he'd be back for holidays and he said "you gotta go home for Christmas" I almost started to cry. Sniff, Sniff.
It's gonna be Ok, I think...He'd better call often.

Taylors Pre Idol CD

I paid for my Taylor hicks Cd today, No idea when I'll get it, I'm sure it must be on back order. Here's a link to where I found it if you want one.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Woooooo! It was a good night!

Thank you for voting if you voted by my request! I'm so jazzed I might not be able to sleep tonight. But hey I must have not been to worried I still have finger nails.
So many good moments tonight, where do I start.
The Mr. got to see Kellie Pickler again so he was happy, Chris was good!,I love his eyes! Even Marianne's Elfin Elliott was a charmer tonight.
My day was spent nervous over the win after the Chris shocker I couldn't get comfy in the win spot and take it for granted although I knew the choice was obvious.

I spent some time with a friend of mine and we discussed the show and she remarked that she loved Kellie for the whole Calamari thing and then low and behold they used it on the show. I'm dying laughing over the Escargo sampling and just thinking about how she must be laughing too. I wish we could have watched together. That would have been fun.

I busted up laughing when Chicken little came out singing "What's New Pussy Cat" I LOL just writing it, He was too funny! The fish out of water...Did you see the guy singing Clay Aikens song, I think he almost wet himself when Clay came out singing. The epitome of star struck I believe. Still it was touching all the same.

I loved this show tonight! I didn't want it to end.
Now I suppose I'll go thru some post climatic anxiety withdrawals from American Idol.

Wooooooo! Taylor I can't wait for a cd!
Your American Idol addict signing out for the season.......

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vote Now Please

or 1-866-IDOLS-02
or 1-866-IDOLS-04
or 1-866-IDOLS-06 Thank you!

The Seasons last Songs on American Idol 8pm tonight

Please watch tonight and
extend your vote for Taylor.
Tomorrow a new Idol to be born.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A B C D E F G.......

I was recently visiting one of my many favorite blogs Celtic lady's rants and she posted a sort of vocabulary game and a get to know you type thingy using a letter in the alphabet issued by the person who's blog you found this on. Here's how she explains it.
Anyway, here's how it goes...Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. On your blog, write ten words that begin with that letter and include an explanation of what the word means to you and why. Pass out letters to those who want to play along!

Mine is "S" for Sweeti

Sunset or sunrise -If there were no other reason to believe there is a god it would be a beautiful sunset or sunrise in all it's glory, Sunsets touch me in a place that's both spiritual and artistic, They are one of my most photographed interests.

Sunshine- I crave it, it makes my heart sing.

Smell- what a wonderfully descriptive word, I use it a lot now that I can smell things again. Ummmmmm, Blackberries on a warm day, Chocolate, sweet scented honeysuckle vines and Chance by Chanel is a blend of fresh floral notes merged with sensual, sweet and spicy notes, and babies after a bath and Corsican mint.

Spirited- a feeling I get when all is right with the world and I'm totally jazzed about something or someone.

Sumptuous- A taste of my favorite dish, a dip into my favorite bubble bath, a splendid feeling of luxury, being sensual.

Solitude- My time to regroup, contemplate, and rethink or just be.

Sentimental- This word probably describes me the best which is obvious to you guys I'm sure. I'm sappy at times and tender at times but mostly it's about emotional ties for me.

Spontaneous- Something I wish I could be more often.

Seductive- Hummmm, I love this word. An action, an eye, an act, but mostly a trigger for response.

Scandinavian -Family roots, Foods, and traditions.

Sweettooth- I know that's 2 words but you guys know me, I couldn't leave out this one. A taste for the sweet of fare chocolate, candy, or delicious dessert.

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    What's your Numbers?

    I don't know if anyone is interested but I'm posting a link to some interesting Numerology stuff. Like finding your soul urge Number and meaning and finding your Life expression number. Maybe you just might find numerology interesting too.

    1 Man, 1 Machine, 2 Acres, 2 Hours and Wah-lah

    We have been doing some logging at our place and the ugly stumps that were left are now gone. We hired a guy out of Molalla, Or. That has this machine that flat out kicks butt and takes no names. He comes in and says oh that will take me a couple hours. I'm thinking...right, a couple weeks maybe.

    ...He gets in his forest mulcher and goes to work. I could not believe my eyes it took those stumps down without a second thought, All I could say was holy crap, The Mr. would have been out there for week or two maybe cutting stumps and still not getting below ground level and then he would have to stack the wood or burn it.
    This machine obliterated the stumps and turned them to bark dust 2 inches or so below ground level.

    For the sake of my blog I had the Mr. stand in and show just how tall this brush was some areas were 15-20 feet tall and it was like he was going thru butter, No kidding it was that fast.

    (Before and After) Its enviromentally sound clearing and it returns the brush right back to the earth and recycles itself.

    This is Jody Lance and he is the owner operator, This machine is only 1 of 3 in the state of Oregon and thats it. I think our forestry dept. is going to snatch him up for fire fighting this year. It would just kick butt making fire breaks. It's a cool machine though and quick!

    Look at those narly teeth!

    He's a good guy and knows what this toy can do. It was like every mans dream toy, get in and tear the hell out stuff and have it look like a park when your done without any hard labor. The Mr. will surely be spoiled after this. But that's ok he deserves it. He's been working hard enough just logging off the timber to thin for growth in the trees left behind.

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    ...Till tomorrow night

    Although all 3 stepped up and did a great job tonight, I'd be lying if I said I thought Elliot is gonna make until next week. Katharine, Wow most improved!
    Elliot is good in an Al Gore sort of way, Stiff with little personality.
    Taylor is Dynamic and has the Charisma and talent to carry it off...Come on Taylor!

    I'll be biting my nails till tomorrow night, Well maybe not...French manicure and I hate to screw that up. Taylor Hicks I'm pulling for you Dude! You Rock!

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    “The game of love is never called on account of darkness, my little midnight snack."

    For the benefit of those who don't know we live on a almost 6 acre parcel of land and its about half forest and the rest is land we mow and mow and mow.

    We love the country life and the easy trip to town from here. But with country you also get critters, I worry about my co-author being out a night because of this. But he has his own mind and will escape you if you try to contain him.

    Now last night the Mr. and I in our sweet slumber were awakened by this strong worst than ammonia smell, See we for one of the first times this year slept with the window cracked open. Aughhhhh cough, cough, the Mr. quickly shut the window trapping the worst smell you can imagine in our bedroom thinking it would only get worst if left open.

    How I don't know, But I swear I woke with a sore throat from the smell. We then opened our bedroom door to the outside and it smelled better outside than in.

    OMG, Pepe la Pew and his girlfriend was roaming the 6 acre woods last night, and I pray they take their dates somewhere else from now on. Anybody know a good deterant spray for skunks?

    Definitely a weekend to remember.

    I trust that most of you Mothers out there had a marvelous Mother's day. Mine was no exception to the rule. I was treated to a Day ~Un jour avec la mode~ (meaning a day with fashion),by the Mr. with the baby Sis and her friend Tammy on Saturday, We all met up for breakfast and eat at a restaurant that had been newly rebuilt in the Oregon City area, Biscuits Cafe. The food was good, Business was booming in there so service was a little slow but expectedly so.

    We three then moved on to the Saturday market in Oregon City, Ummmm, nothing to write home about. At least not yet, Meaning the season is young and not to much produce was being sold yet. Mainly asparagus, it's good but I just hate the way it makes your urine smell after eating it! I know TMI but you know its true. To their credit there was a stand that sold beautiful flower arrangements in paper holders for a really reasonable price. But they never would have lasted until I got home in the 80 degree weather.

    Then to the Salon for a pedicure, We were all 3 scheduled at the same time but I think the salon over booked. Baby Sis and Tammy went first then as a chair opened I. Got to go. I enjoyed this, I had the same Pedicurist as the baby Sis. It was a man (odd), with strong hands and funny. We talked about hunting and fishing...Odd Huh? See I have this hobby of asking people what their hobbies are, I love getting more personal with people and sometimes being totally shocked by their response. Anyway it was a French pedicure for all three, at least it will last longer than color. No obvious grow out.

    Then onto shopping, By this time I was feeling a little self centered, meaning I've paid to much attention to my needs or wants and not enough to someone else's. So I ended up with a pair of garden clogs in petal pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness and a new pair of beaded thongs to show off the new pedicure. Baby Sis and Tammy however tried to buy the Fashion Bug out. Kidding...Thanks for the invite baby sis of mine, it was fun.

    So I hurried home to be with the Mr. and he ended up taking me to dinner and treating me to my favorite my favorite and his favorite perfume. Chance by Chanel. This was a decadent day and totally unexpected. Sweet.

    Now, Mother's Day I spent the majority of the day giving of myself to my adopted mom Jonsie that just recently had a back surgery. She needed my help to do just menial things like help getting into and out of the shower and then a nice visit and her gifts.

    She enjoys books that because of her limited ability to go anywhere due to her condition, it takes her on trips or revisit trips others have taken. So I gave her books on the Oregon Trail. She loves this due to the strong family connections to these tales of adventure. See she had family that came from the East coast to the West coast via covered wagon in the late 1800s. Oddly enough she has given me the old pictures of them, Its really cool.

    I decided while I was there that this shower that she had was less than adequate and not meeting her needs and ran to get a hand held shower for her as an added gift to make this task easier for her and installed it myself. She was so impressed, But it was way to easy.
    To me that is the way Mother's day was best spent.

    Although I did very much enjoy my gifts (A planted herb garden in a bowl, and a Starbucks card Yummmm and hand picked flowers, Godiva chocolates and Coffee) and the Bar-b-que in my honor put on by my daughter and SIL very much. Thank you so much!

    ~I am truly blessed with wonderful, and thoughtful kids~

    Now the 2 grandboys gave me their school portraits ... Only the best pictures of them that I've seen for long time.

    Thank you Boys!

    Now most of you know that my real mom has passed away many years ago and I miss her terribly and my thoughts always go to her on this day of remembrance. I can still see her with her cup of coffee and cigarettes sitting at the kitchen table, I miss my almost daily visits with her most she was the best listener...Sweet memories.

    So this weekend will not be topped for a long while and rightfully so, it was too good. I hope that everyone else's was good too.

    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Don't wait for someone else to make your life terrific.
    That's your job
    Unknown author

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Decadence at it's Finest!

    I am sitting on the Pc minding my own business, and I hear a truck pull up outside. So I look out and WooHoo it's the U.P.S. man and that's always good news!
    He brings boxes full of things you order or lucky for me Mothers Day gifts from afar. Usually the boxes are not for me, the Mr. has many for the business but Not this time.

    I see right off the bat my name and then I see "GODIVA CHOCOLATIER"... holy chocolate chips, I couldn't get the box opened fast enough. I'm kinda glad I was the only one here it could have been embarassing.
    Chocolate in my favorite form DARK and coffee in a sumpuous chocolate blend I could smell the chocolate aroma as soon as I opened the box. These are kids after my own heart don't you agree?

    Thank you so much, You know I love it! Kisses and Hugs Mom

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    I'm in total shock

    Ohhh I'm so mad! I just knew Katharine was going this time and they say Chris, WTH?....just a crazed fan screaming NOOOOOOO!
    I thought he was one of the best up there. I still think Elliot should go too.

    Taylor Come thru for me you rock!

    Mush Alert...


    After a truly hectic morning, after I got myself all keyed up about making my Chiropractor appt. ontime, and having to call and plead for a later appt. and getting one Whew! Thank you Tamara!
    I sat down and calmed down and just happened to look up and there in the empty vase was flowers and not just flowers but wonderfully fragrant lilacs.
    ~This is how I know the Mr. loves me~ Posted by Picasa

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    It's good for you...

    Coffee anyone? well get a cup I'll pour

    I'm popping in to let everyone know that I've had this back issue going on for sometime and I always related it to my Thyroid levels. Either high or low and I became symptomatic, Pain and the unwillingness to be constantly sedated on pain meds finally pushed me to the ways of a Chiroprator for natural relief.
    Gasp, I never thought it would come to this. The old way of thinking passed down from unreliable sources led me to believe that it was all quackery or Tom foolery.

    I am here to tell you and set the record straight for any of you doubting Thomas's out there.

    In 3 very short painless visits, I have the back I used to have! My hips are a little sore and my muscles are too but I guess that's to be expected. OMG, I feel 100 times better. Thank you Dr. Dawson!
    My particular problem was I was off my Axis, sounds funny huh? I know I laughed too. But that's what I come to understand as the way in which your head sits on your spinal column. Mine was off to the side a little and tilted. Which makes the rest of your spine do this correcting thing and everything works itself out trying to compensate.
    Now the method of this practice is called the Nucca method. Very gentle but extremely effective. Please seek help for yourself and don't wait as long as I did if anything sounds remotely familiar to you, I wish I'd had gone sooner.

    Oh, a tidbit of info. I started dreaming again, Yeah I know how could things like that be affected? They are, I said something to the Doc about having these wild vivid dreams and he kinda blushed and said oh I forgot to mention that. I kinda blushed and knew he knew what I was saying and left it at that.
    ~Enough said and I won't share the topics~
    Well, lucky for me the Mr. comes home today YaY I missed him. Posted by Picasa