Thursday, May 18, 2006

1 Man, 1 Machine, 2 Acres, 2 Hours and Wah-lah

We have been doing some logging at our place and the ugly stumps that were left are now gone. We hired a guy out of Molalla, Or. That has this machine that flat out kicks butt and takes no names. He comes in and says oh that will take me a couple hours. I'm thinking...right, a couple weeks maybe.

...He gets in his forest mulcher and goes to work. I could not believe my eyes it took those stumps down without a second thought, All I could say was holy crap, The Mr. would have been out there for week or two maybe cutting stumps and still not getting below ground level and then he would have to stack the wood or burn it.
This machine obliterated the stumps and turned them to bark dust 2 inches or so below ground level.

For the sake of my blog I had the Mr. stand in and show just how tall this brush was some areas were 15-20 feet tall and it was like he was going thru butter, No kidding it was that fast.

(Before and After) Its enviromentally sound clearing and it returns the brush right back to the earth and recycles itself.

This is Jody Lance and he is the owner operator, This machine is only 1 of 3 in the state of Oregon and thats it. I think our forestry dept. is going to snatch him up for fire fighting this year. It would just kick butt making fire breaks. It's a cool machine though and quick!

Look at those narly teeth!

He's a good guy and knows what this toy can do. It was like every mans dream toy, get in and tear the hell out stuff and have it look like a park when your done without any hard labor. The Mr. will surely be spoiled after this. But that's ok he deserves it. He's been working hard enough just logging off the timber to thin for growth in the trees left behind.

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Pril said...

Hard working men are the best kind of men!

Jeannie said...

that's cool - I want one and I don't even have any full-grown trees.

Sweetilicious said...

I know -Us too, they run 100 thousand. Sheesh, a little pocket change huh?