Monday, May 22, 2006

A B C D E F G.......

I was recently visiting one of my many favorite blogs Celtic lady's rants and she posted a sort of vocabulary game and a get to know you type thingy using a letter in the alphabet issued by the person who's blog you found this on. Here's how she explains it.
Anyway, here's how it goes...Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. On your blog, write ten words that begin with that letter and include an explanation of what the word means to you and why. Pass out letters to those who want to play along!

Mine is "S" for Sweeti

Sunset or sunrise -If there were no other reason to believe there is a god it would be a beautiful sunset or sunrise in all it's glory, Sunsets touch me in a place that's both spiritual and artistic, They are one of my most photographed interests.

Sunshine- I crave it, it makes my heart sing.

Smell- what a wonderfully descriptive word, I use it a lot now that I can smell things again. Ummmmmm, Blackberries on a warm day, Chocolate, sweet scented honeysuckle vines and Chance by Chanel is a blend of fresh floral notes merged with sensual, sweet and spicy notes, and babies after a bath and Corsican mint.

Spirited- a feeling I get when all is right with the world and I'm totally jazzed about something or someone.

Sumptuous- A taste of my favorite dish, a dip into my favorite bubble bath, a splendid feeling of luxury, being sensual.

Solitude- My time to regroup, contemplate, and rethink or just be.

Sentimental- This word probably describes me the best which is obvious to you guys I'm sure. I'm sappy at times and tender at times but mostly it's about emotional ties for me.

Spontaneous- Something I wish I could be more often.

Seductive- Hummmm, I love this word. An action, an eye, an act, but mostly a trigger for response.

Scandinavian -Family roots, Foods, and traditions.

Sweettooth- I know that's 2 words but you guys know me, I couldn't leave out this one. A taste for the sweet of fare chocolate, candy, or delicious dessert.

    4 Left A Love Note :):

    Marianne said...

    This sounds like fun. Let r rip!

    Sweetilicious said...

    D for Diva for Marianne

    Jeannie said...

    Well Sweeti - I'll give 'er a go perhaps

    Sweetilicious said...

    "T"-for Tequilla for Jeannie, I trust the Birthday drinks were good? Any messages from far and away?