Saturday, May 06, 2006

Coffee anyone? well get a cup I'll pour

I'm popping in to let everyone know that I've had this back issue going on for sometime and I always related it to my Thyroid levels. Either high or low and I became symptomatic, Pain and the unwillingness to be constantly sedated on pain meds finally pushed me to the ways of a Chiroprator for natural relief.
Gasp, I never thought it would come to this. The old way of thinking passed down from unreliable sources led me to believe that it was all quackery or Tom foolery.

I am here to tell you and set the record straight for any of you doubting Thomas's out there.

In 3 very short painless visits, I have the back I used to have! My hips are a little sore and my muscles are too but I guess that's to be expected. OMG, I feel 100 times better. Thank you Dr. Dawson!
My particular problem was I was off my Axis, sounds funny huh? I know I laughed too. But that's what I come to understand as the way in which your head sits on your spinal column. Mine was off to the side a little and tilted. Which makes the rest of your spine do this correcting thing and everything works itself out trying to compensate.
Now the method of this practice is called the Nucca method. Very gentle but extremely effective. Please seek help for yourself and don't wait as long as I did if anything sounds remotely familiar to you, I wish I'd had gone sooner.

Oh, a tidbit of info. I started dreaming again, Yeah I know how could things like that be affected? They are, I said something to the Doc about having these wild vivid dreams and he kinda blushed and said oh I forgot to mention that. I kinda blushed and knew he knew what I was saying and left it at that.
~Enough said and I won't share the topics~
Well, lucky for me the Mr. comes home today YaY I missed him. Posted by Picasa

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Marianne said...

Aaaah, I am sipping my Seattle's Best Creme Brulee blend right now. I love coffee. I simply adore it.

I am so glad you're feeling better.

Jeannie said...

So glad you're better - glad the chiro worked for you - did well for my brother too - me unfortunately not - feels great at first but I end up worse off (I think I get addicted to that rush of endorphins or something). But then my prob can't be fixed - just gotta live with it and hope I don't get arthritis.
I still have "wild" vivid dreams all the time - and ya know what? My husband is always the star of the show. Weird huh? When I could get away with fooling around cuz who could be blamed....??