Thursday, May 11, 2006

Decadence at it's Finest!

I am sitting on the Pc minding my own business, and I hear a truck pull up outside. So I look out and WooHoo it's the U.P.S. man and that's always good news!
He brings boxes full of things you order or lucky for me Mothers Day gifts from afar. Usually the boxes are not for me, the Mr. has many for the business but Not this time.

I see right off the bat my name and then I see "GODIVA CHOCOLATIER"... holy chocolate chips, I couldn't get the box opened fast enough. I'm kinda glad I was the only one here it could have been embarassing.
Chocolate in my favorite form DARK and coffee in a sumpuous chocolate blend I could smell the chocolate aroma as soon as I opened the box. These are kids after my own heart don't you agree?

Thank you so much, You know I love it! Kisses and Hugs Mom

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the bitch said...

mmmmm - chocolate - you lucky thing. My kids will let me live for Mother's day

And lilacs! - I could go out in the yard for some - but it's not quite the same is it?

D.T. said... sweet! And yeah, I totally get what you mean by tearing open the box. That chocolate is just sooooo good! I swear my heart skips a beat whenever I walk into Godiva...